GoldFellow® is a Bank of America Wire Transfer Center.  That means, GoldFellow® can electronically wire the funds for your cash for gold settlement directly from our bank account into your bank account instantly.  Wire transfers are done the same business day you accept your cash for gold settlement amount so long as it is before the bank cut off period.  And, your payment usually shows up in your account within hours if not minutes of the wire transfer!

GoldFellow® passes along our bank’s $10 discounted fee for this service – automatically deducting that amount is from your cash for gold settlement if your payment is less than $1,000.  But, the fee is waived on settlements of $1,000 or more.  The benefit of having your payment immediately wired into your bank account may outweigh the additional cost of the wire transfer (if it applies).  This is your decision.  Remember, there is no charge if GoldFellow® sends you a check by United States Mail.  At GoldFellow® we believe consumers should have complete information about the gold selling process before they decide to sell gold to us.

To process your wire transfer, GoldFellow® needs you to provide the routing number and account number of the account you want the funds wired to.  You can obtain this information off the front of a check (see below).  Please do not take the numbers off of a deposit slip.

GoldFellow will wire your cash for gold settlement into your bank account

Front of check indicating location of routing and account numbers

You can select to be paid by wire transfer and enter your routing and account numbers at the time you complete your GoldFellow® Track-Pak sign-up form indicating your desire to find out what your gold is worth.  If you did not initially select a wire transfer but would like to receive one after reviewing your settlement, simply click on the “change my payment method” button on the right hand side of your settlement page, enter your bank routing number and account information, save – and then click the button to “Accept” your cash for gold settlement.

Please note that some small banks and credit unions do not accept wires – or – if they do, use a third party bank to facilitate the transaction and therefore may charge you an additional fee for that service.  Before selecting a wire transfer when selling gold jewelry, we recommend you check your bank’s policy and fee schedule (if applicable).