Who Buys Silver Jewelry?

Who Buys Silver Jewelry?

Short on cash or just cleaning out your closet? Selling your silver jewelry to a trusted professional is the easiest way to earn cash for silver. With so many people out there willing to take your silver jewelry and give you cash in return, it is important to know who buys silver jewelry. Well, you can trust us with your silver here at Goldfellow.

Where to Sell Silver Jewelry

There are so many companies, jewelry stores, and even people on the internet who buy silver jewelry without even knowing the true value of what you have. Research is an important component before you just hand off your silver jewelry and trade it for cash. Ask your friends and family if they know any reputable sources and avoid selling to a pawn shop. You want to sell your silver jewelry to a company who is trusted, licensed, and understands the value of your jewelry.

The Worth of Your Jewelry

Before you trade your silver for cash, make sure you know what silver is worth in the current market. Researching the market price of silver can help when you are selling your silver. You can better negotiate with the dealer and know whether or not they are giving you a fair price. Another great tip before selling your silver is making sure to weigh it. This can giver you a better idea about what you can get for your silver. If you don’t have a scale, we have a gold price calculator that can weigh your items right here at Goldfellow.

The Silver Buying Process

Selling your silver is the fastest way to earn cash for silver. But beware who you end up taking your jewelry to. At Goldfellow, we weigh, test, and verify the purity of your silver jewelry all in one day. We also accept:

  • Silver coins
  • Silverware
  • Sterling silver

Contact us to learn more about how we buy silver as well as how to use our gold price calculator if you are interested in selling your gold as well. Getting cash for silver is easy with the help of professionals you can trust.

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