Where to sell your gold watch

Where to sell your gold watch

You would be surprised at how many people have gold watches that only sit in their closet or drawers for years without using them. Maybe your watch no longer has style, it no longer serves your purpose and now you don't know where to sell your gold watch. Good news! At GoldFellow, it is easy to sell gold and give you money for your gold.

How to sell your gold watch

The process is simple. You can use our gold price calculator to get an exact price based on the weight of your gold and the value it has in the current market. Simply phone or visit our main site and our trusted professionals will help you sell your gold watch and give you the money you need. The best part of selling your gold watch to us at GoldFellow is that we provide you with an insured FedEx Express savings service.

Trust the professionals

When you try to sell your gold watch, you want to trust someone who understands the value of your gold watch. Pawn shops or brokers often only seek to offer you a low price for whatever you are selling without you really knowing the value of your jewelry. Pawn shops will not really understand the value of the jewelry you are selling. They will give you a price that they think is valuable to them, instead of basing it on the current market price, so they can turn it over.

Do your research

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that the person to whom you sell your gold watch is a reliable and trusted professional. Research is important when it comes to finding out where to sell your gold for cash. Feel free to read testimonials from previous GoldFellow clients about your experience selling your gold.

Contact our gold experts if you have any questions or concerns regarding your jewelry and learn more about the other precious metals we buy.

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7/2/2020 7:49 AM
A watch is more than its gold content which by their calculation is less than 70% of the gold weight