Divorce, tight on money, or you just want the extra cash and your ring doesn’t serve a purpose anymore. These are just a few reasons why selling your diamond ring is the right thing to do. At GoldFellow we make sure you are always getting the best value when we give you cash for diamonds.

Scenario One: Divorce

When you first had the ring placed on your finger, all you could feel was happiness, all your dreams had come true. Fast forward a few months, years – maybe the engagement never worked out, or perhaps it did, but then your marriage dissolved and now you can’t stand to look at that ring. This is the time for you to move on, let go and sell your diamond ring. Selling your diamond ring doesn’t have to have a bad connotation, it can symbolize your new beginning. Let go of the past and sell it to a place that can give you cash for diamonds that no longer bring you happiness. Use this financial boost to do something you’ve always wanted to do, but never have, as a way to start fresh, start moving forward after such a difficult time.

Scenario Two: Your Child is Going to College

Ah yes, your children are grown up and have been accepted into their dream schools. But those dream universities don’t come cheap. Instead of taking out a loan from the bank, think about whether or not you truly need this diamond ring. At the end of the day, your diamond ring is just an object that many stores have. Help relieve your child’s student loans in the long run and sell your ring for cash.

Scenario Three: Money is Tight

We can work overtime and only just make enough money just for basic living expenses. Mortgages or rent, utility bills, groceries, and the smaller things all add up. One day, you’ll have an emergency situation and you don’t have any savings. One of the only things of any value that you can sell is your diamond ring. Selling your diamond ring might be the one thing you can do in order to make ends meet when something unexpected comes up. Don’t just take it to just any jeweler or pawn shop; make sure you approach a reputable seller that can give you the cash you need.

Ask yourself “do I truly need this diamond ring?” If the thought has been troubling you for a while then perhaps it is time you sell it for cash. At GoldFellow, we believe in giving you the proper cash in return. We are a trusted company that can give you cash for diamonds or cash for gold. Contact our experts to learn more or call today to sell gold you no longer want in the matter of seconds.