What is White Gold’s Worth?

What is White Gold’s Worth?

What is White Gold's Worth?

With the recent economic stimuli for coronavirus relief, and fear of rising inflation, this past year saw many people begin to convert their assets to other currencies to avoid asset devaluation. A common destination of this transfer, regarded for its consistent upwards trend of appreciation, was gold.

You may have seen large spikes in the prices of gold and silver over this past year as many people, fearing the devaluation of the dollar, began investing in fine metals. Gold is measured on its level of purity and may be mixed with other metals, so finding your gold’s worth isn’t always as simple as checking gold’s current price. One of the most common types of gold found in jewelry is white gold. So what is white gold, and what is white gold’s worth?

What Is White Gold?

White gold is an alloy consisting of about 75% gold and 25% nickel and zinc.1 Since white gold contains other metals, it has more durability and strength than 24 karat gold. This is why white gold is often used for jewelry. An 18K white gold ring would be far less likely to lose its shape than a 24K gold ring, which is quite malleable. These added metals additionally give white gold a white/silver color, hence the name.

What Is the Current Price of White Gold per Gram?

As stated above, economic fluctuations during the pandemic have increased gold prices, leading many people to  sell their gold at peak prices. This may be a great time to sell that gold chain you no longer wear.

The price of white gold, similar to gold jewelry, depends on the purity and amount of gold. Common measurements of white gold are 10K (41.7% gold), 14K (58.3% gold), and 18K (75% gold).  The first step in receiving cash for gold is to determine its purity, and multiply its percent by gold’s current price. Right now, gold currently stands at 60.54 USD per gram. If you were looking to sell 18K gold, you would multiply the weight in grams of your gold by 0.75, and multiply the product by gold’s current price. For example, if you were looking to sell a 10 gram white gold 18K necklace, the price as of today would be 454.05 USD. Check out our free cash for gold calculator for an instant quote.

The Gold Standard

There is no set rule on when is a good time to buy and sell investments, however, the appreciation of gold during the recent pandemic certainly makes a case for selling. If you currently have gold jewelry that you rarely wear, it may be worth considering. With the pandemic deterring in-store business, we have even made it possible to sell your gold online so you can make money from the comfort and safety of your home.

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