What is 18K Gold Worth?

What is 18K Gold Worth?

Often people have no idea how much the karat of their gold is worth, gold’s weight or purity is measured in karats. Gold with high karats means the purer the gold is. At Goldfellow you can sell your gold online, but before you sell your gold chain here is a guide to understanding what is 18K gold worth in grams.

18K Gold Meaning – What Makes up 18K Gold Jewelry?

If you are thinking of selling your 18K jewelry, possibly selling a gold chain, then the question of ‘what is 18K gold worth?’ has probably crossed your mind. But before you understand 18K gold price it is important to understand what 18 Karat gold means.

18K gold means that it is 75% gold mixed with an additional 25% composed of other metals including copper, silver, and other alloys. 18 Karat gold is used to make a variety of different stone studded jewelry and other diamond regalia. 18K gold worth is less expensive when compared to 24K gold and 22K gold.

How Much is 18K Gold Worth Per Gram?

If you are selling your 18k gold jewelry or coins but aren’t sure how much 18K gold is worth per gram, then be sure to do a little research and find an 18K gold calculator or cash for gold calculator. The price of 18 karat gold can fluctuate so be sure to look up the value of 18K gold in today’s market.

The current average cost of 18K gold per gram is roughly about $41-$42.

At Goldfellow we offer cash for gold mail in incentives and pride ourselves on making a fair payout for your 18k gold. You can mail in gold for cash to our South Florida location if you want to sell 10K gold, 14K, 18K, or 24K gold.

Should I Get My 18K Gold Examined?

When trying to figure out how much 18k gold is worth, be sure to take your gold jewelry or coins to a professional gold analyzer for a proper examination. With a jewelry examiner they can differentiate whether your gold jewelry has real diamonds or lab diamonds as well as the price of your 18K gold. Your 18K gold price can be determined by a couple contributing factors such as the price of gold in the current market, and the condition of your 18K gold. If your jewelry has additional precious stones, your 18k gold worth may be more than average. Many people buy class rings with precious stones at their selling prices, especially if the class ring matches the buyer’s graduation year. At Goldfellow, we melt down all the gold we receive, and consider all real gold to be valuable regardless of wear and tear.

Selling Your 18K Gold in South Florida

If you sell your 18K gold to us at Goldfellow, we can ensure you a fair price! To find out how much 14K gold is worth or calculate how much your 18k gold is worth, contact our gold experts at 1-877-696-5346. We offer a seamless gold selling alternative from the comfort of your home, no haggling, no stress, and most importantly we will offer you more than a pawn shop.

At Goldfellow, you can sell your gold teeth, gold watch, and a variety of other gold alternatives!

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