“Cash for Gold” has become a catch-all phrase describing the segment of the precious metals industry which purchases gold from consumers.  But, not all gold buyers subscribe to the same business practices and payment schedules.  It is in a consumer’s best interest to do some research in order to get the most cash for gold via a secure, safe transaction.

GoldFellow®, one of the trusted leaders in the cash for gold industry which maintains a Better Business Bureau A+ rating and no recent complaints against it, set the bar high when the founders, who previously owned one of the largest gold jewelry manufacturing companies in the U.S., launched their cash for gold web-based GoldFellow.com.  Founder, Michael H. Gusky, was adamant his company could provide a safer, more transparent transaction and pay more than the competition.

GoldFellow® distinguished itself from the pack of cash for gold companies by offering every customer free, insured for $1,000 FedEx® shipping.  Unlike the competition, GoldFellow® posts its prices every day on the website’s “Gold Price” page – even for small quantities of gold.  And only GoldFellow® has the exclusive GoldView® feature allowing customers to see the value of their gold and approve their cash for gold payments in advance.

The entire GoldFellow® website is dedicated to educating consumers about selling gold, gold itself, karats , weights, gold price and the gold market in general.  And, numerous articles on the website provide consumers with helpful tips on getting the most cash for gold.  In addition, because of the company’s reputation as one of the  trusted online buyers of gold which is supported  by the numerous unsolicited testimonials taken from actual customer emails, GoldFellow® executives like Michael H. Gusky and Steven L. Hansen have been sought out by reporters from newspapers, local and national television, National Public Radio and talk show hosts for comment and gold selling advice.


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