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Customer Testimonials

I did it. I sent my gold a day after I watched the show (America’s Money Class with Suze Orman on the Oprah Winfrey Network, January 30, 2012). The process only took days and I made over $1,000.00. It was so ridiculous how I could forget I had jewelry lying around for 10 years I have not worn and now I have made money off it. Thank you Suze and Thank You GoldFellow®.
Dawn B.
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I’ve been saving up for a trip to Hawaii for a while now & thought maybe I could add a little money to my vacation fund. I brought in some broken gold pieces (by the way they don’t have to be intact)& my great aunt’s silver serving spoons. For some reason I thought the process would be complicated, but it wasn’t. Turnes out I had alot more than I thought. Enough to pretty much cover most of my travel expenses! Can’t wait to take my trip! Aloha! David Z.
Los Angeles, CA
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Honest business! If you are looking for someplace to sell gold this is the place. I went here after checking out GoldMax and he offered me $500.00 more than GoldMax right off the bat! Didn’t take me long to see that these people are not trying to scam me. Todd C..
Los Angeles, CA
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I go to the pizza place next door so the next time I went, I decided to take in some old jewelry that was layin around to see what I could get for it. I had some mismatched earings and tangled chains that I thought I would get like $50 for. When they said it’s $300 I almost fell back into my chair. Are you kidding me? What a great deal!! On top of that the employees are super nice and very professional.Romina G.
Valley Village, CA
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You can tell the people here take a lot of pride in what they do. I had no clue what I had so I grabbed everything in my drawer and took it in. The young man behind the window meticulously checked and sorted every piece of jewelry by karat. He told me exactly what I had and how much everything weighed. At the end he issued me a check from bank of america. The whole thing took less than 15 minutes. Easy money! Sheila T.
Los Angeles, CA
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No surprises or games here. I took in some old & broken chains that I never wear and got a lot more than I had anticipated. On top of that, they gladly honored the coupon for an extra $50. Five stars all around. Harry B.
Los Angeles, CA
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Very professional and friendly, Anne made us feel very comfortable. i will definitely refer family and friends.
thank you AnneAlicia M.
Pico Rivera, CA
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I have sold gold there three times, and each time felt they were fair and honest. I took in mostly old 14K earrings, charms, and broken chains. I dealt with Anne, who is pleasant and extremely professional. I got quotes from AAA Gold Exchange and 2 others that frequently advertise that they beat everyone else’s prices. Gold Fellows paid more than any of the other quotes. I also feel confident that their check won’t bounce….not sure I’d have that same confidence with the Vietnamese shop in Bolsa Mall, that another reviewer mentioned. Dee D.
Santa Ana, CA
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I had a terrible experience at a competitor,
I decided to take my gold elsewhere. I found the GoldFellow website and was very impressed with the feature that calculates the value. This gave me an idea of what I could expect to receive, for my jewelry.I took my gold and silver to the location in Lafayette., Ca. It was a little tough to find, but when I did, I was elated to know that I was not stepping into a pawn shop situation, but a very nice office setting. The manager (Christine) was very friendly and knowledgeable, as she took her time testing my pieces to verify that the results were accurate. In the end I walked out of there with more money than I expected to receive
If you are looking to sell your gold this is the place to go. I really loved the individualized customer service I received. Todd B.
Mill Valley, CA
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I have done business with Christine three times, each time I was very pleased with the money I received for my gold. Christine is very knowledgeable and professional.. Definitely not a pawn shop environment. Ray L..
Rio Vista, CA
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Wow, not what I was expecting!!! Knowledge and expertise are what you can expect when you visit GoldFellow. I worked with Allie. She was professional, warm and very knowledgeable. I definitely recommend GoldFellow and Allie! You can expect the best! Jill S.
Westlake Village, CA
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I visited Goldfellow with a few items and was so pleasantly surprised. The experience was very quick and painless. Allie helped me feel comfortable and made the process very enjoyable. She was both professional and friendly. I will recommend the store again an again! Holly C.
Westlake Village, CA
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I happened upon GoldFellow because it’s in an upscale shopping area where I was getting a new phone. I’ve been divorced for years and a few days earlier I finally got around to looking through my belongings -including my old wedding band. I felt a little nervous going in because I wasn’t sure how gold purchasers work and didn’t feel prepared, but I was made to feel comfortable instantly. They were truly professional and courteous, and I was glad that the premises seemed clean and safe. The gentleman who greeted me eventually gave me a considerable sum for the ring (who knew?!) He asked casually at the end about other items I might be able to convert to cash. Well, I had the “old jewelry box” (a shoe box that had been in storage) in my car with a necklace and even some gold cuff links that I never wear anymore. Wow, I’m glad he asked! It really made my day and left me with a thick wad of cash for my new phone. It felt like “found money” much more than the cost of my new smartphone. The woman employee who was working the weights/measures/cashier was really friendly and seemed compassionate about my divorce, even though it was like 8 years ago. I wasn’t looking for a gold exchange that day, but it turned out to be a great decision to just saunter in. I recommend them without hesitation. David H.
Corte Madera, CA
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I inherited some jewelry – most of which I thought was costume jewelery. I thought it was about $30 or so, but I went to GoldFellow to check it out. The service was fast and friendly, and they could have fooled me, I guess, but they were honest and really nice. I was totally floored to walk out with a $249.00 check. This place felt like a bank with modern clean look and trustworthy people. Even thoughthey’re called GoldFellow, they deal in silver jewelery too. Some of my stuff was silver. They certainly seemed like they knew whatthey were doing and treated me fairly. Robyn R.
Roseville, CA
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If you want the most money back on all that old gold you have lying around then this is the place to go. Great service and an overall great experience with Dino. Thanks guys, see you again soon!! Whitney S.
North Hollywood, CA
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When my grandmother told me she wanted to sell her old jewelry, I wasn’t crazy about the idea. You read about scams all the time where the elderly are prime targets. Even though she has always been very independent I wanted to make sure she wouldn’t get taken advantage of. I researched this place and since I was already coming with her, decided why not bring one my small gold pieces as well, just to see what I could get for it.
We got there & went over each of my grandmother’s pieces of jewelry. Out of 9 items, 2 were not real gold. At first my grandmother insisted everything was gold, but had forgotten she had included some of her old costume jewelry, oops! They were patient with us which I really appreciated & at the end we both received great offers.
Haven’t decided to part with all of my jewelry yet, but at least I know this is where I’ll be returning when I’m ready! ! Denise F.
Los Angeles, CA
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I was in the gold & diamond business for years and these guys know what they’re doing, plain & simple. They’ve got a great setup and their prices are above average in comparison to other establishments. The young man at the store was honest and transparent which was a delight. Keep it up guys! Allen G.
Los Angeles, CA
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So, a friend of mine told me to go to Goldfellow while I was cleaning out my jewelry box. She said the staff was very friendly and professional, the prices were VERY fair, and the transaction was quick and easy. She was RIGHT! Not only was I able to get rid of gold/silver jewelry I would NEVER wear again, I was able to get a check for it too. I had no idea that the jewelry I had collecting dust in my room was actually worth a good amount of money. The woman who helped me was very knowledgeable about the gold/silver; I watched as she carefully tested each piece and gave me a price for every item which was really helpful! The store is the opposite of shady; very clean and professional looking. After my first visit, I went home and found more old, gold jewelry and brought it back! I’m sure I will be back again. Elizabeth Y.
Studio City, CA
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Came in to goldfellow based on the reviews from Yelp and was extremely pleased with the outcome. I had a few pieces of jewelry that was broken and mismatched earings. I wasn’t expecting much for them but was surprised at how much it was worth!! They separate the gold by the different karats & do all the testing right there in front of you. I was in and out of there in 10 minutes. Easyyyy money!! 🙂 Sheila T
Los Angeles, CA
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They actually know what they are doing. I’ve been there three times and the service they provide is excellent & fast every single time. Not only are they competitive with the price they offer to purchase your belongings, but they will explain to you exactly what they are doing and they don’t make you feel awkward about being there. I found that the first time I sold my gold i felt funny about it but the girl made me feel comfortable about the process. Anyway, all in all, a great experience with a customer friendly store. No attitudes like at cash checking places or the malls where they give you really bad prices. All Gold Fellow does is buy gold all day. No gimmicks. I will always recommend them highly to everyone I know. Tasha J.
Ventura, CA
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Brought some of my old gold jewelry here. It was my first time doing this so I did not know what to expect. The gentleman behind the counter went through all my gold and silver pieces and separated them by the karats. I was offered a price which was a lot more than what I anticipated. I was absolutely impressed with the whole experience. Harry B.
Los Angeles, CA
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I just wanted to say thank you! I recently sold you some of my unwanted gold/silver jewelry and I still can’t believe how smoothly the process was. I have to admit, although I did my research before deciding on GoldFellow I was still extremely nervous about sending my items away in a small envelope. Would I ever really get an offer? Would I ever see my jewelry again if I declined the settlement? As it turns out, I got a settlement offer within days and it was even MORE than my towns top jewelry store initially offered me! I chose the wire transfer for $10 and the money was deposited in my account within 3hrs. I was shocked and so happy. I’m telling EVERYONE I know about you. You turned a worrier into a believer – many thanks!
Lauren E.
Simpsonville, SC

I had to “go tell it on the mountain” with this one! If I didn’t experience this for myself, trust me I would not be promoting it. The transaction process was super simple and the best by far. The offer was “OUTSTANDING.” Don’t let the locals rip you off..GoldFellow is the way to go!!
Crystal H.
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GoldFellow is one of the best Gold buyer shops in The VALLEY! Very professional and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to jewelery. I will definitely recommended this place to everyone!!!! 🙂 ! Elisa O.
Burbank, CA
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Went in recently to sell some outdated jewelry I had. Transaction was easy, simple & quick. Ended up getting more than I imagined for! Staff was actually quite knowledgeable when it came to gold & gemstones. Gary A.
Los Angeles, CA
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I walked in here, was greeted by a friendly employee who wasn’t pushy. They gave me a great price for a ring I wanted to sell. I had gone to other stores to exchange my ring but went with them because they are not only professional and friendly but also very knowledgeable. Would not go any other place. Maria A.
Glendale, CA
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Went in here and was surprised how much more I was offered than the other places I went. On top of that the guy behind the counter was courteous and professional. Definitely will come back in the future. Andre D.
Whittier, CA
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Great, honest service!! I’ll definitely come back. I brought in some gold coins and the nice young man appraised them for me, but recommened that I go to an actual coin dealer because the coins could be worth more than just their value in gold, if they were collectibles. He also suggested that I sell my coins to the place that offers the most money even if it were by just a few dollars. I loved that no pressure, honest advice. As it turned out, the coins were only worth their value in gold and GoldFellow offered the best price, so I returned that same day and sold my coins. 5 stars from me for sure! Natalie M.
Los Angeles, CA
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They gave me a great price for the white gold I traded in. Closest to market value in any pawn shop I searched for in this area. Hovik P.
Sun Valley, CA
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I found GoldFellow on line after doing some research on line about “cash for gold” places. I didnt want to mail my stuff away. I wanted a place where i could go and talk to a person. I checked out their website and I liked the fact that they were part of Better Business Bureau, and recommended by Susan whats her name (the one who gives all the financial advice on TV) The place is very clean and secure. They must buzz you in the door to enter, which I liked. The lobby was a little warm (no big deal) I was helped right away. I felt bad since I has so many item. The man checked each and every item and separated them. Then tested and retested. Some of my jewelry had gems in them which he also returned. I was expecting to get about $80 for all my stuff, but i was shocked when he told me that i would be receiving $200. I would definitely return again. I had a great experince. I have mentioned my positive experince to many of my friends. Also i liked the fact that you could cash the check the same day, no hassles and that there was a print out that stated how much money your received from your silver, gold, and other metals.  Mariana G.
Glendale, CA
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I went to three different places before I stopped in here, two gold & silver spots and a pawn shop, and I was appalled at their offers. Within two minutes of stepping into Goldfellows, I was offered $100 more than the highest price I’d had all day for my five pieces of gold jewelery. I’ll be recommending this place to everyone I know.  Severus S.
Burbank, CA
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Simple clean storefront next to a deli and a cupcake store, with no appointment needed to sell gold. Professional and polite staff values your old gold jewelry, gives you a price bid, and if you agree to sell to them, they issue you a check. With gold prices over $1800 an ounce, it’s a great time to sell old gold jewelry you no longer wear. Lynn L.
North Hollywood, CA
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I did my research, shopped a few different gold & silver buyers and goldfellow paid me $150 more right off the bat. On top of that, the store is clean and the employees are courteous and professional. 5 stars all around! Esther K.
Valley Village, CA
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Went into this location after finding out it was closer to me than the store in Westlake. Another great experience. Did my shopping before hand and was offered a price that greatly exceeded anything I was quoted. Thanks guys!! Harry B.
Los Angeles, CA
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There is so many places out there that claim they will give you the most for your money but i have had bad experiences. At Gold Fellow the staff is indeed professional. They welcome you every time you walk in, and even remember what your name is. I have not had any issues with the pricing of the gold at all. I have always left satisfied. Thank you guys. Adan M.
North Hollywood, CA
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I’ve been coming here since it first opened and I’ve NEVER had an issue. The employee’s are great and are genuinely nice. I’ve had so many problems with other places. I really felt cheated with the gold i would bring, but at GoldFellow they give you what its worth or even more then what you thought your gold/silver was worth. Rachel I.
Valley Village, CA
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Great service, excellent prices! Went in here first then decided to go get a second and third opinion. No one else came close to what I was offered at goldfellow. On top of that, the guy behind the counter was professional, courteous and well spoken. Won’t even think about going anywhere else next time. Rachel H.
Glendale, CA
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So I went in here knowing exactly how much weight and what carat I had. I wanted to see if the people here at GoldFellow were truthful and to my surprise, the gentleman behind the counter was spot on. I had also shopped around and knew more or less how much I was going to get. I went in and got $200 more than the other 3 places I visited. Will come back for sure! Arsham B.
North Hollywood, CA
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Easy parking, very nice employees. Sold a few small items and got a decent amount of cash. Definitely would go back in the future! Jane E.
N. Hollywood, CA
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GoldFellow you are awesome!!!! I sent out my gold Wednesday and got a call Friday with a settlement!! I’m so excited and got a good amount back just in time for Xmas!!
Nicole R.
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I just want to say thank-you and WOW! I was not expecting that high a payout from my old scrap jewelry. I appreciate your total transparency in what was paid, and your honesty and professionalism in your business model: especially with so many dubious “ca$h for gold” operations out there. I just want to say, I appreciate and thank-you from the bottom of my heart.
Cerise B.
Berkely, CA

After much research, I decided to go with your company. My husband and I went into the GoldFellow® office in Lafayette, CA tonight. We were greeted by a very pleasant young lady, Yecenia, and treated with the utmost respect. I can’t tell you how pleased we were with the outcome of our visit. We accepted the offer and are looking forward to future business with your company. Thank you GoldFellow®.
Teresa, O.
Pittsburg, CA

Last year my mom was looking to sell some her gold jewelry. She was a little nervous, so we recommended she do her homework and look into companies with a good reputation and a positive Better Business Bureau rating. She came across Gold Fellow. We have dealt with Gold Fellow on five occasions now. They are extremely professional, helpful, and honest. We have used them on a one-on-one basis, at a gold party setting, and as a fundraiser for our child’s sports team. We have never been disappointed. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking to sell any gold, silver, or coins, regardless of whether it is a small or large amount. We have always specifically dealt with Yecenia, who is very helpful, professional, and knowledgeable. From day one, we have always felt very comfortable doing business with them. Call and ask for Yecenia – you will not be disappointed! Lisa W.
Benecia, CA
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Thank you for such a great experience. We did our homework looking for where we were going to sell our gold. We must have looked at over a dozen places online and real jewelry stores. To say we were almost horribly ripped off would be an understatement!! Actually to better state it would be to simply read your brochure. I read the entire brochure last night and it is the first time any company has told the truth 100%! You stated that you pay almost 3 times as much as your competitors and that is exactly what you did! Thank you so much for such a great experience and for giving me what my gold was worth! And making it so easy and safe feeling. I tracked it the whole time and knew where it was at all times. You guys were awesome!!
Beth A.
Pueblo, CO

I found several pieces of gold jewelry in the house that had not been worn in ages and decided to visit GoldFellow after calling around and see what I could do with them. I’d heard great things about them up here in LA and happened to be near their San Diego store last week and dropped in. I met with Dino who was extremely friendly, knowledgeable and informative and the store was well done and felt quite secure.They were very professional and explained how they sort everything by karat, weigh the gold then give you a quote on every piece, offering to take all the pieces I had. The money I was paid was about 20% higher than the other couple of buyers I had spoken to and in addition, he gave me a voucher card so I can come back to get an extra 10% on anything that me or anyone I know sell them in the future. I highly recommend GoldFellow if you want a great place to sell your gold. Brien F.
Pacific Palisades, CA
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I sold a 1 oz gold bullion to the store. they told me what the gold rate was for the day (which I had called a few other places before I went in) and they paid full rate. super easy and painless! GREAT business!Leslie G.
Manhattan Beach, CA
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Thank you for being such a great company! My mom passed away and I have been taking my time going through her things (a very hard thing to do). Instead of donating or having a garage sale, this has been a godsend as I would have never been able to handle this and receive the checks I did from GOLDFELLOW®!!!! Thanks again for being an honest company and employing such helpful, caring people.
Nancy H.
Port Washington, WI

So, in this age of tight finances I decided to go through my jewelry that I hadn’t worn in such a long time and try to sell it. But where do you start? On the internet I go! I search on the web and I come up with an article done by Reuters about how there are a ton of companies who advertise that they buy Gold, but are a slew of bad companies who are written up at the Better Business Bureau. But then they showcase Gold Fellow and how it is a chain who has been around for over 30 years with no infractions with the BBB. So, I go onto the Gold Fellow website and see that they seem to be on the up and up. They have about 4 locations around my area in Los Angeles so I decide to go check it out. I’m a bit sketched at what may happen as I had heard a lot of horror stories.I was originally going to go to the Jewelry area in Downtown L A, but I rather go to a store that was up over the hill in the Encino since it was closer, if you can believe that. This location was built into a mini mall and it was quite inviting. I was greeted by a young woman who was behind a waist to ceiling plexiglass wall, yet it was quite comfortable. I would associate it as just like being at a bank. She proceeded to test the quality of the gold I was presenting her with, whether it was 10k, 14k, 18k or 22k. Then she put it into their computer to give me an amount depending on what the worth of gold was on that particular day by the Pennyweight by the London Fix. Next, they give you the amount they are willing to pay you in regards to the worth of your gold, and if you agree to the amount they pay you with a check on the spot.

I have gone to this location twice now and I’ve had the pleasure of working with Alexandra D. who really seems to be quite knowledgeable. She made me feel at ease through the whole process, as it is a very sensitive transaction. Their service was top-knotch and they fulfilled my need. Ian and Alicia D.
Los Angeles, CA
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I previously sold some old jewelry at another store, but was referred to GoldFellow from a friend who saw the CEO of GoldFellow on the Suze Orman Show. Suze Orman recommended GoldFellow as an honest and reputable business. I checked out their website and the company has an A+ rating from the BBB. The Encino store is located in the back of a nice shopping mall. The manager Alexandra is super professional. She graded everything I brought in by karat weight and offered me a great price for basically junk! She wrote me a local check on the spot.
I would totally recommend GoldFellow and especially Alexandra. It’s so refreshing to find a polite and honest professional in any business today! Denise D.
Westlake Village, CA
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I am so happy with GoldFellow LLC! Customer service is outstanding; GoldFellow is the “best of the best”.
Vicki L.
Milwaukee, WI

This is the best company by far that I have dealt with. I have gone back several times with different gold pieces and have received more than I expected each time! The staff is friendly, helpful, and most importantly HONEST… and the process is seamless. Ten minutes later I walk out with a big fat check!!! Barbara S.
Dania Beach, FL
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Thank you for a pleasant business experience. I am overwhelmed by your professionalism, and dedication to service. More than anything, every member of your staff was so positive, friendly, and very professional. Their knowledge and communication skills are the best I’ve dealt with. The owner must be very proud of his team. Such dedicated workers are a testament to his honest, fair business policies. I am a grateful fan who will recommend you to family and friends. Salute yourself!
Al S.
Greenville, KY

GoldFellow® is a first-rate company!  They’re service is so fast and they pay out much more than some other services I have looked into. The entire process was so easy!  I mailed my packages and had a settlement within days! I will definitely do future business with this company! I have already recommended GoldFellow® to several friends and co-workers.  In this day and age of internet scams and rip-offs, it is truly refreshing to find a company that is honest and professional, and delivers exactly what they promise!
Lori W.
Conyngham, PA

All I can say is WOW! Not only was this an easy, fast and seamless process, the price paid for my unwanted gold was top dollar! I will be glad to recommend your service to my friends and would not hesitate to use you again. Thank you, GoldFellow®!
Warren S.
Lawrenceville, GA

Went in had some gold and silver coins to sell I was suprised on the amount of money I got. They were honest and nice to me and gave me a fair deal this is my 2nd time dealing with Gold Fellows and I would do bussiness again because I do feel they give more money for your gold and silver than any other place I have been to. Marcas E.
Anaheim, CA
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I went in to sell some pendants and was helped by Anne. She was friendly and professional. I felt comfortable and happy with the customer service. Will definitely visit again. Leanne C.
Tuscon, AZ
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I went in last week to sell my “old boyfriend” jewelry. After shopping around to some other gold places/stores I found Gold Fellow to have the best price. Anne (I think) helped me, she was very knowledgeable and nice. It was a pleasure to walk into a nice clean store after some of the others I had been in. Hopefully I dont have anymore “old boyfriend” jewelry but if I do I will go back to Gold Fellow. Jennifer R.
Fullerton, CA
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The gold fellow store is one of the kind the service provide by the manager Virginia Perez is quality 100% she is make sure to take care the customers with Respect and very professional way she make fell like one million dollars and you like to came back to do more business with her good job keep it up and I will recommended to any person or friend only at the Miami lakes store and work with her she is grate. Chevy L.
Opa Locka, FL
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Thank you so much for the prompt and professional manner in which you handled the sale of my scrap gold pieces.  I am very happy with the payment amount and will look forward to doing more business with you in the near future.  I will also be very happy to recommend you to family and friends.  Your company is honest and very professional.  More companies should follow in your footsteps.
Glenda E.
Sanford, FL

I appreciate good customer service.  I appreciate the efficiency with respect to my transaction.  I knew from one minute to the next when my gold was received, what it was valued at and had the option to accept or decline immediately.

And top that off with I can track its arrival by simply checking my account.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Thank you for great customer service.
Delores W.
Antelope, CA

Thank you very much for providing me with such a pleasant and satisfying selling experience. From my initial contact with your office, I’ve been impressed by your professionalism and efficient process. A good example of that was in today’s mail: the items you weren’t able to purchase. I didn’t expect to receive them back, but I appreciate your returning them at no cost to me.

You can be sure that I’ll tell my friends about GoldFellow®!
Susan M.
Prescott, AZ

I talked to one of your representatives on the phone today and had him find the gold I sent. The settlement is on the way and I will pass the word to all my friends and relatives to go with you and none of the rip-off artists out there.
John M.
Martinez, CA

This was my first time selling gold, and I just had a few pieces odds/ends that were broken. I was only expecting at most 300 dollars. When I got there the lady, Anne, was awesome I got more money than I expected. She was informative and made me feel at ease. I highly recommend it and will be returning =)Debbie J.
Chino, CA
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I had a container of junk cleaned out of our jewelry boxes! I thought is was trash, but I thought I should check before I threw it away! I brought it to Anne at Gold Fellow she was so awesome! She went over every piece and explained as she went. She weighed eveything and I got $271! Amazing cause this stuff looked like costume stuff! I highly recommend you take your jewelry to Gold Fellow, no matter how worthless your items appear.Jamie C.
Placentia, CA
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I am impressed with the customer follow-up by phone and email…some people are nervous about sending items through the mail, but once I read all of the reviews on your site and saw that you were BBB member, I was pretty confident in my decision. I appreciated all the details you give about the process from the up-to-date rates, the free GoldFellow® Pack, video taping the items as they are being evaluated, and giving the customer the option to decline free of charge. I am very impressed!  I’ll certainly keep you in mind for future reference.
Kristin W.
Salem, NH

Oh holy heaven!  I just received my jewelry back, intact as I shipped it!  I’m lost of words!  I was feeling uneasy lately after I declined the offer.  I’m quite impressed by your way of handling business!  Even though I declined the offer, I give you all the credits for the honesty!  I will surely recommend your services to others. God bless you!
Rubina W..
Fayetteville, NC

I really appreciate you taking the time to make sure I was compensated for my lost gold even though you were not responsible for losing it. I was very pleased with GoldFellow®’s prompt action and fairness. I will be sure to pass along your great customer service to all my friends and family. Rest assured, if I ever have more gold to sell, GoldFellow® will be my ONLY buyer!  Thank you very much.
Maria H.
Houston, TX

Thank you so much for your generous settlement.  I appreciate your integrity and the speed in which you worked.  I did not mention the higher quality of the gold. I figured this is your business and this would show in your settlement figures – and would be the beacon that would shine with your honesty.

It has been a pleasure doing business with you.  If everyone had the integrity you have, wouldn’t we live in a greater society?
Mayrine F.
Centerville, TN

Coming here was the best idea I ever had! Although it was a little farther from where I lived, I trusted yelp and the positive feedback. Very time efficient, didn’t take very long at all. Offered me a price straightforward and did not try to haggle downward. I was so impressed and enjoyed the process, I went back a second time in one day! Logan G.
Los Angeles, CA
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I approved the settlement. You guys are awesome to work with and I am telling everyone about you!Patricia S.
Chula Vista, CA

I took my broken gold pieces to a local jewelry store and they offered me $200.00 I thought that was very, very low. So I weighed the gold, went on your site to get an approximate amount. I thought around $800. You called me and offered me $1000.03!! I said, “YES”!! I will definitely do business with you again!! Thank you so much!
Linda K
Phoenixville, PA

GoldFellow® is simply #1. A friend of mine referred me to your competitor, one of the largest online gold buyers. I had some questions that I wanted answered so I called. What a surprise, huh? No live customer service agent, just voicemail. I don’t know about you but I am not comfortable with trusting my valuables to a company that cannot have live agents to assist me. One company even sent an email to me offering a bit more per DWT and a 20% cash bonus. Why would they offer that? In this market? No need. Well, at that point, I began online research to find a great, reputable company. After extensive research, I found GoldFellow®. On the first call attempt, I reached a knowledgeable and professional customer service agent. Secondly, the ease of sending my valuables securely and safely. Finally, I could care less about the extra bucks that “the other” promised. Service and integrity means the most! Being a business owner, I understand the importance of being able to retain great employees and offering the best service. Thank you GoldFellow®!
Belinda P.
Homewood, IL

It has been my pleasure dealing with honest professionals that actually do what they say. Everything is handled so professionally and the way you are set-up for your customers to see how the process works is very reassuring for your customers. Thanks again. It has truly been a pleasure.
Ginger J.
Ellijay, GA

Last week, I utilized GoldFellow® to sell some unwanted gold jewelry, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised with how simple and rewarding the whole process was. I was quite skeptical of the whole concept of mailing my gold away for cash (especially with local stores all around me) but I did some research and GoldFellow® stood out as a reputable company that would take good care of me. I was not disappointed. The entire process was very simple and I was thrilled with how much money I was offered. I will most certainly use your services again in the near future, and I have recommended you to my friends and family without hesitation. In fact, I posted a message about your company and how pleased I am on my Facebook page. Thank you again!
Melissa S.
Indianapolis, IN

I just wanted to write in and give you guys more positive feedback. I just sent in a few pieces of unwanted gold jewelry I had to try you guys out. It was a very small amount and you guys gave me way more than I thought I would get for what I sent in. Just wanted to say thanks GoldFellow® and that you will get more of my business and my recommendation to anyone I know looking to get rid of some unwanted jewelry! Thanks again!
Zachary J.
Columbia, SC

Thank you for always making trading my gold in a profitable and pleasurable experience. I have been dealing with you for two years now and would not go anywhere else. You are always fast, efficient and pay the highest prices I have found with secure service. I even recommend you to family and friends since trading in gold can be a haphazard endeavor when you have no point of reference on who to trust and what you should be getting for your material.

It may be awhile, but when I need this service again, you have a client for life. Again, thank you.Carla D.
Boca Raton, FL

Once more my wife and I would like to thank you very much taking care of us today in such a friendly – and at the same time very professional manner. Your company was the first one we visited in order to sell our gold and turned out to be the last one, because we sincerely felt, and still do, that no other company could have offered and given us more money or treated us better. We will tell everyone we know, that is interested in selling unwanted gold, not to waste their time going from place to place and just visit you first. Surely they will be happy that they did as we were.
Steve C.
Pembroke Pines, FL

Thank you so much for your amazing service! My husband thought I was crazy when I said I was going to send my unwanted jewelry to GoldFellow®. “You’ll get ripped off,” he said. “You’ll be lucky to get $100 for the lot.” Well, I had nothing to lose because I knew I wouldn’t ever wear the stuff and I certainly wouldn’t try to sell it piece by piece or to a jewelry store or pawn shop. I hoped for $250. Imagine my surprise when you called within 42 hours of my drop off at FedEx®, to tell me you were offering $881 and you didn’t even buy everything.

Goldfellow: $881. The look on my husband’s face: PRICELESS!!

You get our highest recommendation. Fast, easy, and honest. Please feel free to print my letter.

Denise S.
Alameda, CA

I was astonished at your service! I sent in a bunch of useless, broken and unmatched jewelry and got a check for almost $2,000 within the same week!! I’m recommending you to everyone I know.

Debra M.
Eden Prairie, MN

I am THRILLED…so FAST and EFFICIENT – Let me see if I can find some more unwanted treasures. I will definitely spread the word about your company. THANK YOU so much!!!

Katrina W.
Auburn, NY

I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful experience! I must admit I was somewhat skeptical and happy to admit my fears were in vain. My entire transaction went just as you state on your website and I will definitely recommend your company to my family and friends. As a retired military woman it is so nice to see that there are people with integrity still around. It was definitely a pleasure doing business with you! Thank you again.

Karen H.
Warner Robins, GA

I really can’t believe this process was so easy and everyone who I’ve talked to is so nice. So far you are winner in my book. Thanks again.

Jamie P.
Easton, PA

WOW! What a wonderful experience. You made selling my unwanted jewelry easy and pain-free. A friend of mine sold about the same amount of gold at a local jewelry store and received $140.00 less. Thanks for your professionalism and honesty! I would recommend you without hesitation to anyone looking to sell their old gold/silver.

Angie H.
Whaleyville, MD

I just had to write in and say that GoldFellow® is completely reputable, fair, honest and extremely fast!!! I have been trying to sell my gold since this summer and had sent it to two other companies that were totally the opposite. One company held my jewelry for two months after I refused their bogus offer for $100 for jewelry valued at $500.00. I sent my jewelry in Friday, they received, processed and offered a settlement on the following Monday. I accepted and my check is in the mail! I will refer all my family and friends that are looking to get rid of their old jewelry. This company is the way to go! Everyone I spoke with including a supervisor, were extremely pleasant and helpful. It is a delight to know there are honest people out there doing business in this hard economic time.

Aundrea J.
Houston, TX

Thank you for the honest appraisal. (Competitor’s name deleted) offered me $52 for the items you paid $289. Again…much appreciation.

Willard R.
Milton, NH

I just accepted the settlement amount and I must say I am stunned. I had no idea it would be so much. I am more than pleased and intend to email everyone I know about GoldFellow®!!!

Katy W.
Lisle, IL

Doing business with you has been easy and beneficial. Thank you so much!!!! You do everything you say you will do on your website. Your offer was 3X what I was offered here in Hawaii. Thank you so much. The money is much needed at this time. I will do business with you again in the future.

Mariah K.
Kamuelah, HI

I will recommend you to everyone I know. I only wish I had known about you when I sent my last gold items. I sent a fairly large amount (to another company) and got $100 dollars for it. I was shocked, but then resigned myself to the fact. I figured this was all you could get from places like this.

Now I know I was wrong and thank heaven there are still good, honest people like you.

Cheryl P.
Barstow, CA

Thank you. It was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done. I will gladly recommend you to my family and friends.

Debra S.
Carlsbad, NM

I normally do not write to companies that I deal with unless I have been unsatisfied with the product or have a general complaint. My experience with GoldFellow® has been wonderful and I just wanted to say thank you for being true to your word and making this process of selling my unwanted jewelry so easy.

It has been a pleasure dealing with you all and I will make sure to recommend you to my family and friends.

Mary W.
El Dorado Hills, CA

The experience has been very pleasant and I will certainly recommend you to any of my fellow workers. I may have more items in the future. I will contact you then.

Kathy B.
Orlando, FL

I am writing simply to tell you what a positive experience I had with GoldFellow®. I was so impressed at every level. The processing time was unbelievable. It seems like it was only hours after receiving my gold, that I received an e-mail advising me of a settlement. The settlement was much more than I expected. Needless to say, I was extremely pleased. I have recommended you to all of my friends.

Thank you so much for a totally awesome transaction.

Mary F.
Goshen, KY

Thank you for checking these items and making an assessment so quickly. I’m very happy with the settlement. I’ll tell my friends.

Cheryl L.
Sparks, NV

The service was INCREDIBLE! Nider, the manager was very friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I couldn’t believe how much they paid for my old, broken pieces of jewelry. I had them appraised elsewhere and Goldfellow offered me much more. Thank You! I am now a lifetime customer! Sergio R.
Miami, FL
Posted on yelp

I wanted to thank you for the prompt service and payment that your company has given me. Your service was great! We wish to receive another package to send more of our less needed jewelry.

Kevin D.
Columbia, SC

If you ever need a spokesperson let me know! I tried to sell my 24K gold before GoldFellow® but I had people say it was 18K. Thank you for being so honest. I thought it was 22K and after I received a settlement for 24K, I realized, yes I did buy 24K! Again…thank you.

Tom D.
Livermore, CA

It has been a good experience dealing with your company. I got a fair costing of my gold, my check has arrived and the little diamonds are delivered back to me quick. Thank you very much.

Rosalinda T.
Buda, TX

You were very fast and efficient and your telephone personnel were very nice.

Tereasa L.
Solsberry, IN

I already received my money! You guys are amazing! I’ve been running around the house to find more stuff that collects dust! Thank you!
Victoria S.
Bonney Lake, WA

I web searched for days before deciding on whom to send my unwanted jewelry and miscellaneous silver items. The testimonials were the ultimate decider in my choice. The amount given for my stuff far exceeded my expectations. A quick note on the honesty and integrity of GoldFellow®: I had no idea I had sent an item in that was 18K (and yes, I checked each piece). You get EXACTLY what they say on their site…SPEEDY TRANSACTION, ONE OF THE TOP PAYING, AND VIRTUALLY EFFORTLESS ON YOUR PART. THANK YOU GOLDFELLOW®!!!
Dawn K.
Louisville, KY

I have been very impressed with the entire operation, the professionalism and helpfulness of the staff as well as the easy negotiability of the website. And I will most certainly encourage my friends to use GoldFellow® in fact, I may send a few more items while gold prices are so advantageous. With appreciation,
Monika B.
Washington, DC

The GoldFellow® organization is one class act. My two transactions were completed with the utmost care. GoldFellow® representatives are truly a pleasure to work with. I was kept apprised every step of the way in the process be it by a personal phone call, email or website update. In particular, I appreciate and thank Mary and Britt for their efforts, time, professionalism, and consideration. After attempting to sell my gold and silver to local organizations that bragged about paying the consumer more than anyone else, I walked away when I felt I could do better somewhere else. I stumbled onto GoldFellow® by accident, and as it turned out, the values I received for my gold and silver ended up being better than everyone else. I would not hesitate to do business with GoldFellow® again, and continue to recommend GoldFellow® to friends and family. Keep up the great work!
Gloria B.
Phoenix, AZ

This was my first experience with GoldFellow® and it was a very positive one. I’ll by happy to recommend you to others. Thanks for the speed and integrity with which you fulfilled your promise.
Deb L.
Charleston, SC

I am a returning customer, and am very satisfied with your company. I have told my friends about the fair treatment I received from you. I had sent part of my jewelry
to you before, and part to another company that claims to do better than anyone else. Well, I was insulted by the tiny check they mailed, which was sent without even asking me if that was alright. After calling them several times, and notifying my attorney, they claim they are finally returning my jewelry. I had returned their
check immediately. I will never deal with them again, and informed my friends about the rude treatment they gave me. Your way of doing things is so very polite and respectful; I will recommend you to everyone. Thank you, again for way you treat your customers.

Carolyn G.
Hanover, PA

I called because I am a skeptic and needed to find out more about the process after seeing many advertisements on TV. I’m sooo glad I did! I couldn’t believe it….I was surprised and happy when I heard about my settlement. I was offered $150 at a local jeweler and was paid more that $700 more through GoldFellow®. Thank you very much. I will definitely spread the word and gladly be a verifying resource. You definitely made my day…and this was the good news I needed.
Therese W.
Crestview, FL

Just wanted to say what a great experience it was dealing with you. As a resident of Florida for over 40 years, I have seen and heard a lot of scams and was a tad leery about your business. You were terrific. I had my money in a week from when I shipped the items and the amount I received was very fair. Thank you.
Martha L.
Mulberry, FL

I was skeptical about using a jewelry seller to get rid of my gold, but the BBB had this GoldFellow® on their website and said they had no reported complaints. I decided to try it out because the pawn shop would only give me $30.00 for my rings. When the process started, first I was impressed by how quick the track-pak got to my address and all the paper work looked professional and they sent me a FedEx package for free. After that the process was extremely quick. I was able to track my shipment every move and it was moving at the speed of light.
GoldFellow® processed my jewelry in less than 24hrs and had my check in the mail in one week. I’m so happy I chose the right company for something I have never tried before. I will definitely recommend GoldFellow® to anyone who is interested in selling their jewelry for quick money. It was safe and easy. Thank you GoldFellow®. Keep up the excellent work.

Kendra W.
Norfolk, VA

I came across while I was researching the internet looking for a company to send my unwanted gold jewelry. I logged onto their website and noticed
that they have been a BBB accredited business since March 2008. I read the testimonials of others who have used GoldFellow® and how their process works. This helped me decide to send my gold package using the FREE FedEx service GoldFellow® offers. GoldFellow® received my package and had a cash settlement quote within two days. The cash settlement GoldFellow®
offered me was too good to be true so I quickly accepted it and two days later I had a check in my hands for over $2,600.00. Not only am I very satisfied with the amount of cash I was given for my unwanted gold jewelry, but also for the way the whole process was handled. I got an e-mail when I sent my package enabling me to track it, an e-mail when my package arrived at their warehouse, another when my settlement was posted and then I received my check all in a matter of one week! I couldn’t be happier with my GoldFellow® experience and I’ve already told all my friends about it. Thanks GoldFellow®!!!
Arlene R.
Austin, TX

Absolutely the best customer service experience ever. Plus it only took two days from the time I dropped it in the box till I got a confirmation, and then a phone call about two seconds after to let me know it was ready for payment. I was a little worried at first so I sent in only two good pieces of jewelry and a few small things of no value and was surprised at my offer. So this was 100% worth it for me. I will tell everyone I know wanting a little extra fun money in their pocket!!
Danielle S.
Harrodsburg, KY

Just a quick note to say I had a very positive experience with your company. You did everything you said you would in a very timely manner. Even though I declined your offer, I remain impressed with your service. Thank you!
Sandra F.
San Juan, TX

I’m so happy I found you guys. I have sent my jewelry to other people that advertise on TV and it was a HUGE disappointment! I did not agree with what they wanted to pay me, so I asked for my jewelry back… I have never seen my jewelry back…horrible people…can’t trust them. I also appreciate that you can remove stones and give me them back. I do not know anyone that does that. The girl I spoke on the phone today was professional and friendly, the service was fast and you let me know by email when you got my jewelry and same day you called me and emailed me to let me know how much you were willing to pay for my items. THANK YOU SO MUCH for my settlement. It was more than I expected. You guys are really the BEST.
Marcia D.
Easton, MD

Thank you…you guys are the best! I will be referring all of my friends and associates to your company!!
Kathleen F.
Delray Beach, FL

Just today I have recommended a friend and I will continue to do so. The transaction was very smooth and effortless and pay out was more than I expected. You make it
easy. Thank you.

George W.
Brockton, MA

I just wanted to say that my experience with GoldFellow® has been most satisfactory. Your staff was most helpful and the estimate was fair. I would certainly recommend your company to my friends. Thank you.
Clementine J.
Burlington, NC

Thank you! I’m impressed with your quick processing and your excellent customer service! I’ll use your company again and recommend to friends.
Lani W.
Jacksonville, FL

It has been a pleasure doing business with your company since practically everything was done for me. And, I thought the settlement was generous. I will tell friends and definitely use GoldFellow® again.
Rick H.
Niceville, Florida

I am very pleased with the settlement and the professionalism of your company. You make doing business simple and pain free. I will recommend GoldFellow® to my friends and family.
Myra O.
Chatsworth, GA

You are the best company ever. Thank you so much. If I had known about you from before I would have sent all of my gold to you instead of (competitor’s name deleted).
Thank you for being the best.
Ellen M.
Plainwell, MI

Thank you so much. I was afraid to sell this way but GoldFellow® made it safe and easy. I really appreciate it.
Selina A.
Alice, TX

Just want to let you know of the excellent service I received from GoldFellow®. The total turnaround time, including a weekend, was 7 days from the time I shipped my items until the time I received my payment by check in the mail. Also the emails I received during every step of the process ensured me that I had made the right choice in choosing GoldFellow®. If I know of anyone who needs to use your service, GoldFellow® will be the only company that I would recommend. Thanks
Brian W.
Athens, GA

I just want to thank you for my experience with GoldFellow®. You guys were great!! Can’t thank you enough for your service.
Laura E.
Los Angeles, CA

I wanted to tell you, I have already referred your company to my family and friends. I am another SATISFIED CUSTOMER…keep up the good work!!!
Catherine R.
Aurora, IL

Right On, Gold Fellow: You da bes’! I appreciate your straight forward, above board, prompt and professional business dealings. You see, I went to a local, well known, precious metal dealer here in Honolulu. NO WAY did they come even close to what I settled and received from GoldFellow®. For those thinking about this, insuring your items with FedEx® is worth it. FedEx® is fast, provides peace of mind, and the day or two of patience, is returned with MUCH greater value. Mahalo, GoldFellow®.
Honolulu, HI

I sent my old gold jewelry in on Monday and here it is – Thursday, and you have deposited money into my account….awesome!!! This experience has been wonderful. I’ve told all my coworkers about you, so hopefully many more will be sending in old jewelry. We’ve had a pay cut, so all this extra cash comes in very handy!! Thanks again for making this transaction so pleasurable!
Debbie H.
Brandon, FL

WOW…how refreshing to actually deal with a company that is so “ON TOP OF THINGS.” I appreciate all that your friendly staff did to help and this was so quick & easy!!! Thank you and I will refer you guys to all my friends and family. Keep up the outstanding JOB!! Crystal R.
Wilson, NC

I think you people do a great job. I am telling every group that I am in (book clubs, charity groups, etc.) about you. It is impressive how you got my money to me so fast and are returning the items with no value to me. Keep up the good work. I think you are going to be getting lots more business from southern California.
Marcia S.
Rolling Hills, CA

I sent in some of my old jewelry to not expecting a whole lot of money in return. I am so happy!!! I received almost four times as much as I was expecting. Do not sell your unwanted gold to pawnshops. They are a rip-off. Trust your gold with I am a very satisfied customer. I will refer everyone I know to
Sonya W.
Jefferson, TX

It was a pleasure doing business with your company. I called your company on 2 occasions and each time the persons that I spoke with were professional, courteous
and knowledgeable. All my questions were answered to my satisfaction. Your company is truly professional, from the website which is quite informative, to your staff which is top notch. I was very satisfied with the way my transaction was handled. EVERYTHING was processed just as you said it would be; it was all done in a timely manner. I even changed my method of payment once I accepted my settlement and the money was in my account within minutes of the change. My settlement was more than I expected; what a wonderful surprise that was. You truly exceeded my expectations. I will not hesitate to recommend you to others or use you again. Thank you for a Wow Experience.

Joyce D.
Bessemer, AL

This was such an easy way to get rid of my unwanted gold and silver! I did this all from work in just a few short steps! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH! I will totally recommend this to my friends!
Brandy H.
Chicago, IL

Thank you for the very highly honorable and professional manner in which you successfully closed my submission. Your company’s conduct is a breath of fresh air and so rare that I have taken the time to tell you this even though I am recovering from surgery. It’s great to see an honest company that is successful. I am sure of your continued success, and I send you my highest regards.
Phillip L.
Lake Forest, CA

As a totally satisfied customer of GoldFellow®, I want to thank you and your entire staff for their courtesy, honesty, and professionalism. GoldFellow® took the doubt out of selling my gold jewelry. I toiled over the all the mass media
advertising on television, in newspapers, magazines and flyers, especially thoseadvertising: gold parties where you give up a percentage to the host. I decided to do more research and found GoldFellow® on the internet. The thoroughness of the site was a true education and I got an instant good feeling about this company, which proved to be correct. I received more for my jewelry than I could have ever imagined and had no doubts about receiving the best price. I thank entire staff for restoring my confidence and trust in others. From the moment I entered the facility, I felt welcomed as if I was visiting family, and left knowing new friends.

Frank L.
Aventura, FL

I found quite by accident when trying to find out current scrap gold prices. I had just ordered the information from one of those highly advertised places, but quickly threw it away after visiting’s website. The testimonials online, in addition the article I found on, were the sole reason for choosing this site. Everything I read was 100% factual! In less than 24 hours from mailing my FedEx® package I had a check on its way to me. Unbelievable! I will definitely use again and will recommend it to everyone I know. Thank you.
Julie S.
Leawood, KS

I wanted to let you know what an easy and great experience I had selling my unwanted gold to Goldfellow®. I felt confident selling my gold on line from reading all the information you have on your Website. From the time I sent in my gold to the receipt of a check was less than one week! You could not have made it easier—you provided the FedEx® envelope; within 24 hours of receipt you had the prices of my gold posted for me via email; and I received my check two days after accepting the posted prices. Goldfellow® even followed up with a phone call making sure I had read my email. I’ve gathered even more gold that I will be sending to you. Thank you.
Sharon K.
Vail, AZ

Tara I.
Modesto, CA

I just wanted to say thank you for the prompt transaction. It took less than one week to inventory and send my gold and get my check back in the mail! I am glad I found an article about your company before I sent my gold to one of those other internet companies. Thank you!
Deborah J.
Haw River, NC

I was so pleased with the efficiency and speed with which you handled my order. The web site made it very easy to facilitate the gold and silver I had, and your quick response made all the difference. I received my check today and will be happy to recommend you to anyone. Thanks for making it so easy.
Jane M.
Mountain View, AR

Just wanted send you a quick note to say thank you! I’m very happy with your service and your honesty! I would highly recommend your site to anyone! Thank you again.
Michelle A.
San Jose, CA

I have to say I was skeptical at first. I spoke with a friend who sent her jewelry off to another company in Florida and she only received $50. Needing the money, she accepted. She was in tears when I told her how much GoldFellow® gave me for my jewelry. It was easy, fast, and the offer was extremely appreciated. I will recommend this company to everyone I know. Great work!!!
Jennifer H.
St. Marys, GA

Thank you so much! Your company is amazing. I sent my gold to a previous company, (name deleted), and they sent me a check for $3.00. They were very rude to deal with and told me everything I sent was worthless, and basically laughed at me. It is hard for a regular person to know what good gold is and what is worthless, so thank you! I will recommend your company to all of my friends and family.
Nancy D.
Cottage Grove, MN

This is my second time using your company and I am here to say that you are “fabulous” in every way. From start to finish the transaction was a breeze. Your company deserves and receives a “five star” recommendation. It is so great to see that there is someone out there honest, sincere and trustworthy!! Keep up the great work – we all appreciate it!! Lois K.
Deerfield Beach, FL

Michael – Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and your company and the service you provide. Everything was handled professionally and has exceeded
all my expectations. Thanks again for your time and consideration.

David S.
College Station, TX

I walked in and sold my gold in person. The money was a life saver especially since the Holidays are around the corner. Thank you!
Dania S.
Pembroke Pines, FL

Thank you very much on your speedy service. I got the wire right away. I would recommend your company to the rest. Very honest, fair, detailed, good customer service,
plus “A” rating and much more. It’s a pleasure to do business with you.

Leo O.
Pittsburg, CA

I was a huge skeptic but did my research on this company before I submitted my gold. I couldn’t be more surprised and happy with the results. It’s amazing! Thank
you so much.

Karen B.
Orlando, FL

Thank you very much for your good customer service and support. I am very happy to have done business with your company. Keep up the good work! There are a lot
of online companies that need to follow your steps!

Diane B.
Hull, MA

I just wanted to say thank you. I was skeptical at first so I sent in what I thought was a small amount of gold. And when I viewed the settlement, I was overwhelmed
with excitement. I still was unsure of the process – until I received my check which was exactly what my settlement had said. Even with the holidays I was thinking it would take 7 – 10 days to receive my check and received it in 2! This couldn’t have come at a better time. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I will spread the word. What a joy it is to work with you!

Penny F.
Talbott, TN

The reason I chose to go with this company was the article I read in the Florida Journal. Now, having dealt with the employees and the process, I am more than impressed.
I was treated with the utmost grace and the business end was fair, quick, and exactly as I expected. I will spread the word about this business and hopefully send more customers your way. Thank you again. Everybody I met deserves a raise.

Scott S.
Orem, UT

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the smooth transaction – and really quick too! I sent my items to one of the other big name places on TV and was only
offered $180.00 for my items. With you it was over $900.00 for the same exact items. I don’t know how I found you, but I am glad I did. Thanks so much!

Karen Y.
Mansfield, TX

OMG! I was so pleased with this company. I had read the testimonials and thought, “what could I lose?” I was so impressed with everything, and it was so fast. Everything is just like it says on the website. Thank you so much. I will recommend you to my friends and I will come back as well.
Debbie H.
Saint Albans, WV

Thank you for all your help and honesty. I would/will recommend your company to all. You kept your word – very hard to find in this day & age. You handled my settlement in a very expeditious manner. Again, my thanks!
Douglas C.
Snelleville, GA

Fast, courteous, convenient, and honest!!!!! What more can I say or ask for? I can’t believe how easy and convenient using your service was. I have to admit that I was skeptical, but decided to give you all a try when I read that the customer is required to inventory all items sent; the items are insured up to $1000 and NOT a mere $100 as with other companies (who shall remain nameless); and, the fact that when I had a question, I was able to speak with a live person without any extensive waiting time. To make this experience the best it could be, I received a settlement of much more than I expected and the money was wired into my account less than 24 hours after I accepted the settlement. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep up the great work and KUDOS to your company’s fabulous customer service, and the peace of mind and “white glove service” you provided.
Charnitha T.
Arverne, NY

I mailed my unwanted jewelry to you just a few days ago and I received my check today! Thank you so much for such a smooth, timely and rewarding transaction. Your
customer service is exceptional and you were even kind enough to return the items you were unable to purchase. I will certainly recommend you to my friends. I am greatly impressed.

Linda M.
Elizabeth City, NC

I was very pleased with the settlement. The $858.61 enabled me to buy a very nice saddle I’ve been wanting, so it was more than worth it to me. Your service is outstanding. You all were very timely (that alone puts you in the top 5% for good customer service
as far as I’m concerned), and the exchange went exactly as explained on your website with no surprises or disappointments. I have already recommended you to a couple of my friends, and I absolutely give you an A++ in every way to anyone who wants to know.

Wendy T.
Marietta, GA

I just viewed my settlement amount, and I must say I picked the best place to sell my unwanted scrap gold and jewelry. I understand that a business operates to make money, but in the gold buying business many people do not act with honesty or integrity. Before I sent anyone my gold, I researched all buyers extensively. GoldFellow® came out on top! Thank you for meeting and exceeding my expectations, I will certainly recommend you to others.
D. Brown
Sheridan, CO

Thank you very much. I really liked using your service and the web site was very easy to use. Your service was very professional, prompt and efficient.
Pamela S.
Mount Carmel, PA

I just wanted to send a short note to thank you for your services, which were very professional – and also for processing my settlement in a timely fashion. From
beginning to end, everything took just a couple of days. I was amazed at the settlement I received. I will recommend all my friends to use your services.

Wanda P.
New York, NY

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Lisa M.
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Sandy S.
Lakeland, FL

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Carla S.
Scottsdale, AZ

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John F.
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David L.
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Tammy M.
Olive Branch, MS

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Lee M.
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Susan D.
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