Silver is a beautiful metal, often overlooked for its more colorful peer, gold. Silver, however, can be just as, if not more, valuable than some gold items. The value depends on the quality, condition, and amount of silver. The key to valuing silver is identifying whether it is sterling silver. So how do you go about identifying sterling silver?

What is Sterling Silver?

Sterling silver is a classification of silver, defined by the quantity of silver in the item, but classification standards differ by country. In the United States, sterling silver refers to an object consisting of 92.5% silver. The remaining 7.5% of the alloy typically consists of a mix of metals, most often copper. Most items are not crafted of 100% silver, also known as fine silver, because fine silver is not a durable or strong metal. Fine silver items are not suitable for daily use or wear.

How to tell if You Have Sterling Silver

If you have silverware or pieces you believe to be sterling silver, but you aren't sure of the composition, there are some simple ways to find out quickly. Sterling silver should have a small marking engraved in it reading .925. This refers to the percentage of silver in the item. Silver items with lower-numbered markings or no markings at all are most likely silver plated or not silver. If your piece is antique and lacks the .925 engraving, it is still possible that it may be sterling silver. It was most likely created before the general acceptance of the use of the engravement. Your item may also have other markings on it that were previously used to signify sterling silver. If you are unsure of the markings, try researching the image or bring it to a professional for an inspection.

In a few cases, modern silver may not be marked with engravings. Check for a pattern or manufacturer name, which should be stamped on the back of the piece. A quick Google search into the company may yield the information you are seeking. If not, we once again recommend bringing your silver to a professional for a valuation.

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