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Selling inherited jewelry comes with a certain stigma when it really should not. Its natural to think that the jewelry that you inherited should be kept as an heirloom, but these pieces of gold, silver, and diamond jewelry can help pay important bills and get you financially on track. The financial security is the best reason to sell inherited jewelry.

Where to Sell Inherited Jewelry

So, you decide that selling your estate jewelry is the best way to regain control of your finances, pay bills and start your own savings. Next step is knowing where to sell your inherited jewelry. Here are your options:

  • Sell to a Pawn Shop

Most of us have seen the show Pawn Stars, and we see how the stars negotiate buying prices. They often talk about overhead prices, which are a very real factor they consider when pricing your inherited jewelry. However, the most important thing they prey on is urgency.

Pawn shops understand that you probably need cash for your jewelry right away, and that you have nowhere else to go. They will use this, as well as their in-your-face sales tactics to get you to settle for less. It’s just how the industry has been run for years.

  • Sell to a Jewelry Store

Selling your inherited jewelry to a jewelry store is no longer the default, nor preferred, method when it comes to selling inherited jewelry.

The one reason they seem to always provide you with when giving a low offer is that they have “overhead prices”. That makes sense, they have to buy your jewelry low and sell it high to factor in how much it costs to pay their high rent, as well as their employees’ salaries. Rent in malls and salesman salaries all influence the price for your inherited jewelry.

  • Sell Online

We are bias – of course we are – because we buy jewelry online. But the fact is that it’s easier, quicker, and allows us to provide you with better prices. We don’t have the overhead that jewelry stores do, and we don’t need to haggle with you on buying prices. You sell inherited jewelry to us and we give you cash as soon as possible.

How to Value Inherited Jewelry

The way we value jewelry is through our specialized process. You send your jewelry through our FedEx services, we process is the same day, and we send you our offer. You can choose to accept or decline right away. We understand how important it is to get your quote as soon as possible.

Jewelry Value Estimator

When you are ready to sell your inherited jewelry, be sure to find an online jewelry buyer that will give you the best price possible.