Selling gold to online gold buyers has been the subject of blogs and the media articles for several years as many people looking to sell gold online have expressed concern for the safety and security of their transaction. Some of their concerns have been based on bad experiences with some well-known cash for gold companies advertising heavily on television.  But, not all gold buyers are alike and getting cash for gold online is safe when selling gold to the right gold buyer.  How do we know this?  GoldFellow® is a Better Business Bureau A+ rated gold buyer with many safeguards in place to assure customers have a secure cash for gold transaction from start to finish.

We often hear from people who live in communities with very few choices of places to sell gold.  For people whose only option is the local pawn shop or jewelry store and others who are busy, what could be safer than selling gold jewelry to a reputable online gold buyer and shipping your gold by FedEx®? GoldFellow® is the cash for gold company recognized by CBS News and the Better Business Bureau as a trusted gold buyer.  GoldFellow® achieved that recognition by making it a company mission to exceed industry standards and customer expectations for honesty and transparency.   GoldFellow®’s business practices are those of a gold buyer committed to doing a better job for its customers.  GoldFellow® offers all customers free insured FedEx® shipping and day of receipt valuation and payments.  Its secure payout options include company check, PayPal™ eCheck and wire transfer directly into the customer’s bank account.  FedEx® has an unsurpassed record of tracking packages every step of the way and verifies delivery to GoldFellow®’s processing facility.  Once a package containing gold jewelry arrives at GoldFellow®, the package is video taped while being opened and every piece of jewelry is photographed for further security.  GoldFellow® promises every piece of gold shipped to its Weston, Florida processing facility is evaluated the same day it arrives. Customers receive emails throughout the process as to the whereabouts of their gold jewelry and are paid immediately upon acceptance of their cash for gold settlement amount.  Selling gold online to GoldFellow® is always a safe, secure transaction.

GoldFellow®’s employee commitment to providing a superior gold selling customer experience builds confidence and trust amongst consumers and is attested to in the many testimonials praising GoldFellow® for providing a superior cash for gold experience.  Earning a customer’s trust is part of GoldFellow®’s company culture.  When you email GoldFellow®, you always receive a timely, informative response from one of our friendly, knowledgeable professionals.  And, when you call GoldFellow®, you always speak with an employee at corporate headquarters who can answer every question.  How is that possible?  It’s possible because every employee knows everything there is to know about the gold selling process.  With a team of top notch gold professionals at your service and security procedures in place to make your cash for gold transaction safe and secure, GoldFellow® customers are consistently pleased with their high payouts and rewarding experience.

How do you know you are selling gold to a company you can trust?  That is a question you should address before you send your gold to any online gold buyer.  When you place your unwanted gold in a shipping envelope, you want to know your gold will arrive at its destination.  You want to know where it is at all times.  And, you want proof of delivery.  That is why GoldFellow® only ships with FedEx®! Furthermore, you want to be able to see a written cash for gold settlement offer before you are paid – and have the option to decline if you choose.  And, if you decline the offer, you want to know your items will be returned immediately by the same secure insured shipping method.  You should also expect to be able to find out the day’s gold price and the scrap gold prices paid that day for all karats of gold.  These are the minimum requirements for selling gold online.  If an online gold buyer cannot quote you the day’s price in writing – or doesn’t post prices online for small quantities of gold, find another gold buyer who will!  If the online gold buyer wants you to drop your gold in a mail box, your gold selling transaction is neither safe, secure, nor adequately insured and you should find another gold buyer immediately.

Does the online gold buyer have a knowledgeable in-house customer service staff to answer your questions and tell you where your gold is?  If not, you should look to sell your gold to an online gold buyer you can speak with. What about stones in your jewelry?  If the online gold buyer does not purchase the stones, will they remove them and return them to you?  GoldFellow®’s gold buyer policy for removing and returning gemstones is something to consider. GoldFellow® has on-site jewelers who, upon request, will remove as many of your gemstones as possible for free and then ship them to you via FedEx® for the shipping cost only.

Getting cash for gold from an online gold buyer can be a safe and profitable experience – especially when you are selling gold to the right online company. Simply fill out the form on the right side of the page.  You can either print your free FedEx® air bill or ask us to mail it to you.  Then, ship your unwanted gold, silver and platinum jewelry to GoldFellow® and find out what your gold is worth.  It’s that safe and simple.   What could be easier and more convenient than selling gold to the trusted online cash for gold company, GoldFellow®?