As Featured on CNN Money

Selling gold becomes a hot topic whenever the price of gold hits unprecedented highs like it did the week of July 18th, 2011.  Gold topped the $1,600 per troy ounce of fine gold mark.  High gold prices mean gold buyers like GoldFellow® see a spike in traffic on their websites.  And, GoldFellow® which operates walk-in gold selling stores, by appointment offices and gold parties in addition to our widely respected online service saw more customers across all divisions.   Traffic on the website,, nearly doubled on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of that week as more consumers showed interest in selling gold.

Interest in selling gold to cash for gold companies is not limited to consumers alone.  The news of high gold prices generates interest from consumer reporters who write about the industry and advise consumers on how to sell gold and how to avoid cash for gold scams.  GoldFellow® actively seeks to educate consumers about selling gold jewelry.

With our reputation as a trusted gold buyer earned over tens of thousands of successful transactions, GoldFellow® executives are often sought out for comment and general information about gold and gold selling.  GoldFellow® president, Steven Hansen spoke with CNN Money reporter, Jessica Dickler for her story (displayed above), “Selling Gold: How much that old ring is worth now” which appeared on the CNN Money website on July 20, 2011.

“One of our missions has always been to educate consumers about the value of their gold, so we’re always happy to assist the media with information about gold, gold karats and how to sell gold,” said Hansen.  “Jessica Dickler did an excellent job of reporting on the industry and explaining the value of various karats of gold.  There’s a lot of good information there,” added Hansen.

In addition to basic gold selling information, quotes from representatives from different areas of the cash for gold industry (including GoldFellow®’s Hansen), advice from the Better Business Bureau about how to sell gold or find a reputable gold buyer and perspective from individuals who had sold gold, the online article also includes an informative video of a precious metals recycling company.  The video highlights the gold melting and refining process – something many consumers have no experience with.   For consumers who have wondered what happens to their gold jewelry after they’ve sold it to a cash for gold company, jewelry store, pawn shop or at a gold party, this is an excellent video to watch as consumers will get a good idea of how much time and work goes into refining their scrap gold and returning it to the marketplace as fine gold.