Gold teeth, gold grills and dental gold alloys are often overlooked when ordinary consumers consider selling gold for cash.  At GoldFellow®, we have been telling people for years they can exchange their unwanted gold including ugly jewelry, orphaned earrings, kinked herringbone chains and even their gold teeth, for money to spend on something else.  So imagine our surprise when editor, Alexis Madrigal called during the height of the gold frenzy in August 2011 to find out how much a gold tooth weighed for a story he was writing for The Atlantic online.  Who would have imagined that gold teeth would become big news?  Yet with the price of gold climbing over $1900 an ounce at one point, even a tiny gold tooth was worth cashing in.

GoldFellow buys dental goldIt turned out Alexis Madrigal looked at the value of gold teeth and concluded what we gold buyers have been saying for years…only he said it much funnier! Dental gold and gold teeth can be easily converted into cash for something else.  In his musing, The Gold Tooth Standard: What You Can Buy With a Mouthful of Metal, he explores just what a consumer could purchase with a mouthful of gold teeth.  It turns out, at the unprecedented gold prices seen in August 2011, one could purchase a great deal.

Many people choose to sell gold teeth, otherwise known as dental gold to GoldFellow®.  Here’s a photoGold Tooth Purchased by GoldFellow of a gold tooth we recently received.  It looks like a pretty substantial piece of gold, but in actuality, the gold crown is quite thin when separated from the tooth material.  This particular “gold tooth” after being removed from the tooth material itself only weighed a little over 2 pennyweights! There are 20 pennyweights to one Troy ounce and gold teeth are karat gold – not fine gold.

GoldFellow® purchases gold teeth based on weight and karat just like any other scrap gold.  Some dental gold contains 14 Karat gold; some contains 16 Karat gold and some as much as 18 Karat.  Dental gold like all other karat gold alloys contain other metals which add strength and durability such as platinum, palladium and silver.  Gold itself is an excellent tooth restoration material as it is very malleable, doesn’t corrode and is hard enough to use for biting.

GoldFellow® receives gold teeth, false tooth covers and grills from the people who used to have them in their mouths which is what makes Alexis Madrigal’s humorous take on the value of gold teeth even funnier.  You really could sell your gold teeth, get cash for gold and buy yourself an iPad (if you had enough gold teeth to sell or sold them along with scrap gold jewelry).  Dentists also sell dental gold scrap and dental alloy wafers which are melted and shaped into crowns.  If you want to sell dental gold, please try to remove as much tooth material as possible before you send us your gold teeth.