Can You Sell Your Gold Teeth?

Can You Sell Your Gold Teeth?

We are sure you knew about selling your old gold, silver, and platinum jewelry for cash, but did you know you can sell your gold teeth too? That’s right! The value of your gold teeth is based on the weight and metal. Your gold crowns have more value than you might think. Learn more about the value of your gold teeth from our gold buyers in South Florida.

How Much Is a Gold Tooth Worth?

The value of your gold teeth might surprise you. Dental offices can sell their gold crowns to cash buyers, but usually, they get the bad end of the bargain. You see, gold buyers sometimes go into dentist offices in hopes of purchasing gold teeth for a few hundred dollars, but the value is far higher than they are getting.

Often sellers aren’t educated on the value of gold and cash buyers are giving you a guess estimate of the gold value of the crowns. Some of the crowns might even be 24 karat, which is the purest value of gold.

However, if you choose a random cash buyer without doing your research, you might receive the lowest price for your gold teeth. If you don’t do your research, you are most likely going to get money based on the lowest karat even if your gold teeth are worth more. You can sell your gold teeth, but make sure you understand the value of gold and are working with a reputable company.

Gold teeth can hold a strong value, depending on the percentage of gold. The higher the gold purity, the higher its cash value. If you are an individual who wants to sell your gold teeth or a dentist’s office looking to get rid of dental scraps, you can get your estimate today.

Who Buys Gold Teeth?

There are plenty of cash buyers who will purchase your gold teeth, but it’s important to work with a company that has the experience and will give you the best price. Sell gold teeth for money with the help from our dental gold buyers of GoldFellow.

Here at GoldFellow, we have over 35 years of experience in the gold industry. Our goal is to provide every customer with a safe, secure, and convenient way to sell your gold, silver, platinum, and more. We have created a seamless system for you to sell your gold teeth and other metals, gems, and even diamonds. Our system allows you to view and approve your payment in advance. Check out our gold estimator today to see the value of your items. For further information, please contact our gold experts today.

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