Coins & Ingots

It’s never a bad time to cash in on your old and unwanted gold coins. If you’re a coin collector who has given up the hobby, you can get cash for your gold when you sell gold coins, ingots, and gold bars with Goldfellow. We buy gold coins in any condition, denomination, or country of origin.

Sell Gold Coins for Cash

With Goldfellow, you can easily sell scrap gold online, just mail in gold for cash. You can sell gold coins and gold bars to Goldfellow and we will offer a fair price that reflects the value of your items. If you’re curious to see how much your old coins are worth, you can mail in your gold coins for cash.

Opt for our free and insured gold mail-in service via FedEx Express Saver after you sign up on our website. To ensure a secure gold appraisal process, we open the package containing your gold coins under a video camera. We then test and grade your coins and gold bars to determine their karat measurement.

After determining the quality of the gold coins, we weigh them on electronic scales using the pennyweight unit of measurement. When it comes to selling gold coins, ingots, and gold bars, you will be paid for the value of your metal, not the coin’s face value. After reviewing our offer, if you accept our price, we will pay you for your gold coins immediately. If decline our offer, we will return your coins via FedEx at our expense.

If you selling gold coins, consider online gold buyers rather than local jewelers or pawn shops. It’s easy and convenient to sell your gold coins to Goldfellow, where you can get cash for gold without having to leave your house.

For more information on where to sell gold coins, gold jewelry, silver, and any other precious metal, contact our mail-in gold buyers at 954-888-9500. You can easily sell scrap gold online with us.

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