Class Rings

As time goes on, you notice it’s been years since you stopped wearing your class ring. When you look in your jewelry box, you realize some pieces are merely taking up space. If your class ring is one of these items that feels more unused than appreciated, it’s time to get rid of it. At Goldfellow, we buy class rings in all shapes and sizes. Most people underestimate the value of their class ring, so it’s quite possible your ring is worth more than you expect!

Sell Your Class Ring and Get Cash for Your Gold

With Goldfellow, you can easily sell scrap gold online and mail in gold for cash. When people sell class rings, we typically see 10k, 14k, and 18k gold. However, we buy class rings made of gold as well as class rings made of silver. If you’re curious about how much your class ring is worth, you can begin the process by mailing in your gold for cash.

Upon sign-up, use our free and insured cash for gold mail-in service with FedEx Express Saver. When your class ring arrives at our facility, we open the package under a video camera for security purposes. We then test and grade your class ring to determine the karat quality.

We then weigh your class ring on calibrated electronic jewelry scales using the pennyweight unit of measurement. You can see your payment in advance and review this settlement before you sell your class ring. Upon acceptance of the settlement, we pay you for your class ring immediately. If you choose to decline, we will return your items via FedEx at our expense.

Instead of going to a pawn shop or local jeweler, consider online gold buyers. The process to sell your class ring with Goldfellow is simple and fast, not to mention convenient for you as well. You can get cash for gold without even leaving your house.

For more information to sell gold, silver, or other precious metals, contact our mail-in gold buyers at 954-888-9500.

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