Packing & Shipping Info

Instructions for selling scrap gold

After you’ve registered for your GoldFellow® Track-Pak, follow the simple steps below.

  1. VERIFY your mailing address and contact information on the GoldFellow® Packing Slip and make necessary corrections.
  2. COLLECT all of your unwanted gold, silver and platinum.
  3. INDICATE the number and quantity of each item on the GoldFellow® Packing Slip.
  4. PROVIDE requested ID information and sign and date.
  5. PLACE PACKING SLIP and all items in a sealable plastic bag or envelope. Seal to prevent small items from getting lost.
  6. PLACE SEALED PLASTIC BAG OR ENVELOPE inside a FedEx® shipping envelope available at any FedEx® drop box, FedEx® facility or FedEx OfficeSM (formerly FedEx Kinko’s®) location.
  7. INSERT your prepaid FedEx® air bill into the plastic sleeve on the outside of the FedEx® shipping envelope.
  8. GIVE the sealed envelope to a FedEx OfficeSM (formerly FedEx Kinko’s®) clerk, or place in a FedEx® drop box. Go to or call 1-800-GOFEDEX to find the nearest FedEx® location.
  9. RETAIN these instructions for your records. It contains your FedEx® tracking number.
  10. TRACK the progress of your package by clicking here and logging into your customer account using your email address and password. You may also track your package at or type your tracking # into the Google search bar.

See? GoldFellow® makes selling scrap gold quick, easy, and safe!

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