How many times have you considered conducting a cash for gold transaction but decided against it?   Did you think about selling gold to your local jeweler – but didn’t want to feel pressured into buying another piece of jewelry at the store?  Did you think about selling gold to a pawn shop but feel a little uncomfortable going into one?  Perhaps you considered the selling gold discreetly to an online gold buyer but were not comfortable shipping your unwanted gold?  GoldFellow® Westlake Village is the best way to get cash for gold in the Conejo Valley in a pressure-free, upscale establishment.

The GoldFellow® store in Westlake Village, California is one of several GoldFellow® walk-in locations currently open in Florida and California that will meet your need for a face-to-face cash for gold transaction.  The GoldFellow® store buys gold, silver, platinum and diamonds in a secure, bank like environment.  And, that is all we do!  No one will be coming in to pawn a guitar while you’re selling gold.  No one will pressure you into spending the money you’ve just been paid for your unwanted gold jewelry on a new pair of earrings or a gold ring – because we don’t sell anything!  And, unlike our online gold buying service, if you go into one of our GoldFellow® walk-in locations, you don’t need to ship your gold jewelry by insured FedEx®.  You can get your cash for gold on the spot in Westlake Village at the GoldFellow® walk-in location.  It’s simple: You bring your unwanted gold jewelry to the GoldFellow® store in Westlake Village, California (or one of our other convenient locations), one of our professional gold buyers tests and values your gold and you leave with a company check.  Since GoldFellow® is a nationwide gold buyer and precious metals refiner; you’re dealing directly with the source.  There is no middle-man in your cash for gold transaction.

In the last few years, as gold prices rose and the economy faltered, more and more people became interested in conducting cash for gold transactions for a variety of reasons.  Some customers who have come in to sell gold in Westlake Village, California told us they decided to sell gold they no longer wore because they wanted to take advantage of today’s high gold price -using the gold cash for something else like a family vacations or consumer electronics.  Other customers cited financial difficulties as their reason for selling gold they no longer wore or needed.  Whatever your reason to cash in gold jewelry to GoldFellow® in Westlake Village, the high gold price means you will receive more cash for gold in a pressure free transaction.

Cash for gold prices fluctuate constantly and recently topped $1400 per troy ounce of fine – or 24 karat – gold.  Some analysts believe gold can go much higher.  Most people do not have jewelry made of 24 karat gold as it is expensive and less durable for every day wear or fashion jewelry.  But even scrap gold prices for 14 karat jewelry which has 58.3 percent gold content is still very high. GoldFellow® posts the prices it pays for all karats of gold on its website every day.   If you decide to you want to get cash for gold in the Conejo Valley, you can be confident the GoldFellow® store will pay you on the spot according to the posted prices from our website.  That’s another assurance of an honest, transparent transaction.

There has been a proliferation of gold buyers as gold prices continued to rise and many individuals and businesses saw an opportunity to enter the cash for gold industry.  With so many choices from online gold buyers, jewelry stores, pawn shops, hotel gold buying shows, mall kiosks, gold parties and check cashing stores all competing to buy your gold, it is difficult to know who to trust.  GoldFellow® has earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and its reputation as the trusted gold buyer.  At the GoldFellow® store in Westlake Village, all we do is buy gold.  You could say we are the gold buying experts!  We’re here today and we’ll be here tomorrow.  The company founders have been in the gold industry for over 30 years and have a track record as consumer advocates in the industry.  We’ve even been recommended as a trusted gold buyer in a CBS News segment about how to get top dollar for your gold and avoid scams.

GoldFellow® offers several ways consumers can get cash for gold.  Or those who prefer to watch their gold be tested and valued and get paid on the spot, we buy gold in our company owned and operated stores.  For those who don’t live near our stores and still want a secure, discreet transaction, we also purchase unwanted gold jewelry through our website business where every gold seller gets free FedEx® shipping insured to $2,500 .  Selling gold never has been easier, safer or more profitable.