Lab-Created Diamonds Resale Value & Prices

Lab-Created Diamonds Resale Value & Prices

Lab-created diamonds, also called lab-grown, manmade, engineered, or cultured diamonds, are grown using advanced technological processes that mimic the pressure and conditions that develop natural diamonds within a highly controlled laboratory environment. Since they have the same chemical and optical properties as natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds. Lab-created diamonds are an affordable alternative to mined natural diamonds. However, they have little to no resale value. This is something you have to consider if you are trying to get cash for diamonds.

Does Resale Value of Lab-Created Diamonds Exist?

Do lab-created diamonds have resale value? The answer is lab-created diamonds have little to no resale value. That is the main deterrent of buying lab-grown diamonds despite their lower prices. While there is no difference between lab-created and natural diamonds to the naked eye, there are a number of ways certified gemologists can identify if a diamond was grown in a lab. Typically, lab-created diamonds have a microscopic inscription identifying them as manmade often located in the gem’s girdle.

The two most common methods of created engineered diamonds are the high-pressure, high-temperature (HPHT) method and the chemical vapor deposition (CVD) method. Each method typically produces a specific diamond crystal shape and growth morphology, both of which are different from natural diamonds. HPHT diamonds typically form into cuboctohedrons, while CVD diamonds form into cubes.

By studying these distinct growth morphologies gemologists are able to identify lab-created diamonds. The Gemological Institute of America Inc. (GIA) has even developed a screening device that can be used to distinguish natural diamonds from lab-grown HPHT and CPV diamonds.1

The Potential Resale Market for Lab-Grown Diamonds

While most jewelers will not buy a lab-created diamond from you, some in the diamond industry predict that there may soon be a resale market for lab-created diamonds as the demand of them increases. While lab-created diamonds remain a small portion of the entire diamond market, the manmade diamond market is growing fast. Currently, jewelry sellers that already sell lab-created diamond rings are the most likely to purchase a lab-created diamond from you. Just don’t expect to make a profit!

Want Cash For Your Diamonds?

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