How to Tell If Your Golf Is Real or Not

How to Tell If Your Golf Is Real or Not

By today’s standards, anything under 10k is considered fake gold. With that standard, there a plenty of gold pieces on the market that would be considered “fake gold.” So, how do you tell if gold is real? Whether you are inspecting your jewelry or trying to get cash for your gold, you will want to know whether or not it is made of real gold. Follow these helpful tips to make sure your gold is real before you decide to sell your gold online to trusted gold buyers.


Inspect your gold pieces to see if there is any sign or stamp that indicates the karat measurement of your gold. Look for signs of rust or oxidation. Gold is less likely to rust because it is largely nonreactive.

Magnet Test

Gold is NOT magnetic; in its purest form it is soft and smooth. You can get a magnet from your hardware store and do this simple test by placing your gold item near it. If the gold piece is attracted to the magnet, your gold is not pure and is likely mixed with other metals.

Drop It in Water

Get a glass cup and fill it halfway up then drop the piece of jewelry into the water. Real gold will sink right away while fake gold will float for a few seconds and then sink. This is an incredibly easy way to test if gold is real in the comfort of your own home.

Use a Lighter

This way of testing whether your gold is real is more “invasive” than the previously listed methods, especially since is involves fire. Either hand your gold over a candle or hold a flame of a lighter next to your gold. If it darkens, it is likely fake gold. Pure 24k gold and alloys above 14k will remain the same color.


All in all, the most reliable way to tell if your gold is real is to take your gold jewelry to a professional appraiser. As professionals, they know how to tell if your gold is real and what it’s worth. They might offer to buy it from you or even sell it for you and give you cash in return.

How to tell if your gold is real? That is an important question to answer whether you want to sell 18K gold or sell 10k gold. Here at GoldFellow, we are your trusted online mail in gold buyers who can give you cash for your gold. Our process is simple and secure. Contact us to learn what we buy and what we pay.

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