How to Sell Your Silverware

How to Sell Your Silverware

Silverware is not all the same. People have different tastes. Perhaps you were given a set as a gift or maybe you just inherited silverware that’s considered a family heirloom. If you are not interested in keeping these items, selling your silverware for cash is the easiest and most reliable way to not only earn a profit, but also a way to divest yourself of the silverware. There are some steps you should follow, though, when it comes to earning cash for silver.

Knowing How Much Your Silverware is Worth

Before your sell your silverware, you might want to know how much your silverware is worth. Each set of silverware is different and each comes with its own characteristics such as patterns and age. If your silverware is tarnished, you DO NOT need polish it yourself. There are many chemicals in the polish that can actually ruin your silverware more, affecting the final price. Consider a professional who can properly clean and polish your silver. Tarnished silver will not affect the metal content, but it can affect the resale value.

Each piece of silverware in a set will have a different price, such as corking forks as opposed to serving spoons. Random pieces sold separately still have value, but whole collections are worth more. Consult a professional or do your own research on the silverware you currently own. Each piece is stamped or labeled so you can look it up online for more information.

Finding a Buyer

It is important to determine what you are going to do with your silverware. Many people get their silverware polished and sell it as part of a whole collection to antique collectors, while others sell it to trusted places that will melt it down instead of refurbishing it and give you cash for silver.

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