How to Find Out How Much Your Jewelry is Worth

How to Find Out How Much Your Jewelry is Worth

Have you ever wondered how much your jewelry is worth? Are there pieces in your jewelry box that you have questioned and wonder if they are real? Or maybe you inherited some jewels that have been transmitted and now you are curious to know if it has any value. It can be hard knowing how to determine the value of gold jewelry and silver pieces, but is important is you are trying to sell them.

There are many reasons you may want to sell your gold, silver, and other jewelry. Maybe there is a piece you’ve had for a while that you don’t want anymore or perhaps you got lucky and found a gold chain on the ground. Whatever the reason, before you get cash for your gold, it’s important knowing the value of your jewelry. Below are some techniques on how to know the value of gold jewelry or silver jewelry.

Look For Stamps

What is an identity stamp or seal? These are brands found on the back of your jewelry. Oftentimes called hallmarks, these seals could be placed inside your ring or bracelet and sometimes even at the closure. The stamps and identification seals provide you information on what type of metal your jewelry was made from. It can also tell you if it is 18K, 14K, or another karat value and what origin it comes from. Typically, high value jewelry will have these stamps and it is an easy way to know how much your jewelry is worth.

Antique jewelry doesn’t always have a hallmark. To get a better idea of the value of jewelry you own, you could inspect it further and weigh it, but ultimately, it should be appraised by a professional. If your jewelry isn’t antique, looks new, but doesn’t have a hallmark, chances are that it might not be real gold or silver.

Check For Imperfections

A great thing to keep in mind when trying to determine if your jewelry is valuable is to look at it with your eyes. Notice the small details, is it fogged or is it a strange color? Is it scratched? A piece of high value jewelry will not be black or green, although there are some cases that can happen. Look closely at your jewelry and notice its feeling. If the jewelry feels strangely light, it can be a fake piece of silver or gold.

Inspect The Prongs

Look closely at the prongs on jewelry with stones. Prongs are used in valuable jewelry to keep the stone in place. Otherwise, cheaper jewelry affixes the stones with glue. Vintage jewelry with quality prongs securing the stones are worth a lot of money. If the stone in your jewelry is cloudy, it just means it needs to be cleaned. Be careful to follow cleaning instructions for the specific stone you have. Over time, prongs may get worn out and loosened, so it should be checked by a jeweler about every 6 months. Make sure the stones are clean and the prongs are well maintained for a better value when selling.

Weigh Your Jewelry

Weight is an important factor in understanding the value of jewelry. Long, heavy, gold plated chains will be more valuable if the gold is real. Silver and gold are heavier when compared to pewter or brass. You may be able to tell if your jewelry is fake just by sight and touch. A gold price calculator is a great tool to estimate the value of your jewelry using weight and purity.

Get A Professional Appraisal

If you are still unsure if your jewelry is valuable or not, you can take it to a professional who will know how to determine the value of gold jeweler. Do your research on who takes it and if you are planning to sell silver, sell diamonds, or sell your gold online , make sure you get an appraisal from a trusted professional.

Sell Your Jewelry For Cash

Here at Goldfellow, you can mail in gold for cash. Our team of mail in gold buyers have all the tools to help determine what your pieces are worth. You can trust us to give you a fair price for your silver, gold or diamonds. Don’t wait to sell your jewelry, you can contact us today for more information.

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