How to know the value of your jewelry

How to know the value of your jewelry

Have you ever wondered how much your jewelry is worth? Are there pieces in your jewelry box that you have questioned and wonder if they are real? Or maybe you inherited some jewels that have been transmitted and now you are curious to know if it has any value. Below are some ways you can determine the value of your jewelry.

Looking for stamps

What is an identity stamp or seal? These are brands found on the back of your jewelry. The seals could be placed inside your ring or bracelet and sometimes even at the closure. The seals and identification seals give you an identification of what type of metal your jewelry was made from, it can also tell you if it is 18K or 14K and what origin it comes from. If your piece of jewelry is an antique and does not have a seal, but seems to be heavy, ask someone who knows how much the jewelry is worth. Usually, high value jewelry will have these stamps, it is a good way to determine if they are real or not.

Is it fogged up?

A great thing to keep in mind when trying to determine if your jewelry is valuable is to look at it with your eyes. Notice the small details, is it fogged or is it a strange color? Is it scratched or folded? A piece of high value jewelry will not be black or green, although there are some cases that can happen. Look closely at your jewelry and also notice its feeling. If the jewelry feels strangely light or easy to fold, it can be a fake piece of silver or gold.

Take it to someone

If you are still unsure if your jewelry is valuable or not, you can take it to a person who can tell you whether or not it is. Do your research on who takes it and if you are planning to get money for silver or money for diamonds , make sure you are a trusted professional.

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