How to Increase Resale Value of Your Jewelry

How to Increase Resale Value of Your Jewelry

When people think of diamonds, gold, and rare gems and metals, they usually assume guaranteed high prices. The truth is, reselling jewelry can be tricky and can cause many people to undersell their valuables well below the market price. Like most high-value items, it is important to be prepared and knowledgeable. You can take several steps to increase the resale value of your jewelry and ensure that you receive fair payment for your valuables.

Get Your Valuables Appraised

The first step in selling anything of value is to understand the market price fully. Several factors can impact the price of your jewelry. Factors include the karat of the metals, cut and size of gems, and so on. While some factors, like the cut and size of gemstones, may be checked through basic internet research, other factors such as condition, clarity, and karat weight may be more difficult to deduce.  For this reason, we always recommend getting your highly valued items appraised by trustworthy professionals, which will give you an idea of what a reasonable price for your items may be. When selling, consider that you may have to sell at a lower price than the appraisal, seeing as how the items are used and you are not a certified seller.

Clean Your Jewelry

A dirty gold necklace and cleaned gold necklace of the exact karat weight should, in theory, have the same value. As you may have guessed, dirty jewelry can prevent you from being offered a fair price. Some basic internet research can give you tips on cleaning certain items such as oxidized sterling silver; however, keep in mind that some chemicals can harm other gems and metals that may be inside your jewelry. Before cleaning your item, consider getting your jewelry cleaned professionally so that no components are damaged.

At GoldFellow, we value fine metals by karat weight alone. Since we melt our gold, the condition is less of a factor, allowing you to sell your scrap gold and jewelry for fair prices, which an individual person may not be willing to pay.

Who Should You Sell Your Jewelry To?

The final step in increasing your jewelry’s value is to select who you wish to sell to. Selling to other individuals looking to use your jewelry for general wear means that it must be in stellar condition.

Also, remember that you may be dealing with thousands of dollars worth of jewelry. Keep your safety in mind before bringing these items around strangers. We don’t recommend selling to pawn shops and small jewelry stores, as they will need to underpay in order to make a profit.

Selling With GoldFellow

At GoldFellow, we are a reputable gold, jewel, and fine metal buying business committed to ensuring you can resell your jewelry safely, securely, and fairly. Sell your gold jewelry by mail, online, or in person at one of our locations.

We appraise your jewelry in front of you or over video surveillance so that you can see how we make our decisions. Mail in your jewelry through our insured shipping options and view our appraisal. If you aren't happy with our price, we return your items at our own cost. Contact us today to get the most money from your unused jewelry, fine metals, and gems.

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