How Much Is 14K Gold Worth?

How Much Is 14K Gold Worth?

While 14 karat gold is not pure gold, it is still one of the most popular types of gold used for rings, bracelets, and other pieces of jewelry.1 The reason why is because 14 karat gold is more durable than pure 24 karat gold while still maintaining the rich color and luster of gold. It’s more expensive than 10K gold but less expensive than 18K gold. If you are purchasing jewelry from a fine jeweler, there is a high chance it will be 14 karat gold. So, how much is 14K gold worth?

What is 14k gold worth? That is an important question to answer if you are thinking about selling your 14k gold jewelry. At GoldFellow, you can mail in gold for cash if your gold jewelry, coins, or bar is solid 10K, 14K, 18K, or 24K gold. If you want to sell your gold online, you should understand the current price of 14K gold per gram, which fluctuates based on the market.

Weighing Your Gold – How Much Is 14K Gold Worth Per Gram?

If you are thinking about selling your 14k gold jewelry, coins, or other pieces, but aren’t sure how much they are worth, do a little research first. There are plenty of resources and up-to-date information online about how much 14K gold is worth. Look up the value of 14K gold in today’s market or use an online gold price calculator.

Currently, the average 14K gold price per gram is around $33–$34.

As mail-in gold buyers, GoldFellow takes pride in making sure you get fair payouts for your gold. Once you are ready to sell, be sure to give us a call at 1-877-696-5346.

Examining Your Gold– What Is Your 14k Gold Worth?

When trying to determine how much 14K gold is worth, we recommend taking your gold to a professional for proper examination. The value of your specific 14K gold piece may depend on multiple factors including the condition of the metal or piece of jewelry. Precious stones, such as diamonds, can increase the value of the 14K gold jewelry you are trying to sell. On the other hand, wear and tear on the metal may discourage buyers. At GoldFellow, your gold is always valuable to us regardless of its condition because we melt down all the gold we buy. We make sure you get a fair price for your 14K gold when you decide to sell your gold to us.

GoldFellow Buys 14K Gold!

To learn how much 14k gold is worth, use our gold price calculator or contact our gold experts. At GoldFellow, we will determine the value of your jewelry or any other gold pieces you want to sell. See how easy it is to get cash for your gold!


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