Selling Your Gold – How it Works

Collect Your Unwanted Gold, Silver, Platinum & Diamonds!
  • A) GoldFellow ® buys anything made of gold, silver, platinum and diamonds in any condition - even broken, ugly, tangled and out-of-style jewelry.
  • B) Today’s high gold prices make it a great time to sell your gold. The more you sell, the more money you’ll receive. What would you do with YOUR Cash for Gold?
Send Us Your Valuables, Worry Free!
  • A) Use our FREE & insured FedEx ® Express Saver service.
  • B) Insured for up to $2,500. Need more? Call us to see how we can help.
  • C) Never lose touch with your valuables. Track your package every step of the way.
Goldfellow®'s Same Day Processing!
  • A) When your package arrives, we open it under a video camera for your protection. Then we test and grade your items to determine karat quality.
  • B) Next we weigh your valuables on calibrated electronic jewelry scales using the Pennyweight (DWT) unit of measurement (there are 20 DWT for every ounce).
  • C) We post your itemized settlement online for your review and notify you by email.
See Your Payment in Advance! Instantly Accept or Decline Online!
  • A) Log into your account to see your payment amount.
  • B) Choose your payment method: Company check, PayPal ® eCheck or wire transfer.
  • C) Accept your settlement and we pay you immediately. Decline and we return your items via FedEx ® at our expense. It's that simple and fast!

We work hard to earn your trust

safe, secure & insured

We protect your jewelry & valuables. Every customer gets FREE FedEx safe & insured shipping.


They make this process extremely clear and easy. And, most importantly, you can trust them. Roger P.
Los Angeles, CA

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We work hard to maintain our "A +" rating from the Better Business Bureau.