Get cash fast for Valentine’s Day by selling unwanted gold jewelry

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Nov. 05, 2008/PRNewswire via COMTEX/

Roses are red.

Violets are blue.

I’m selling your old gold to GoldFellow®,

‘cause I’m so over you.

Sound familiar? If not, it should: Most consumers have gold, platinum and silver jewelry they never wear because it was a gift from an ex-lover or spouse.

They can get cash quickly for their unwanted gold and be paid top dollar within 24 hours of their accepting a deal with GoldFellow®, the trusted gold buyer.

More and more consumers recently have been sending their ex’s wedding bands, engagement rings, heart necklaces, charms, bracelets, lockets and other old gold jewelry that no longer has sentimental value to GoldFellow®, which pays better and faster for gold than most other gold buyers. By emptying their jewelry boxes of unwanted gold and selling it to a trusted gold buyer, consumers often tell GoldFellow® officials they have the money for vacations, gifts and other luxuries.

Testimonials of the company’s growing long list of satisfied customers – including those disappointed by other gold buyers’ tactics – can be found on its website.

“We could spend millions in promotions, like the competition – or we can put the cash in our customers’ pockets. We prefer to pay our customers higher prices,” says Michael Gusky, whose company, GoldFellow® has a top rating from the Better Business Bureau, while other gold buyers have consumer complaints listed against them on the BBB’s Website at

Gusky created GoldFellow® to provide consumers with a safe, competitive and easy method to sell unwanted gold, sterling silver and platinum.

A 30-year gold industry veteran who sold his gold jewelry manufacturing company to Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway in 2007, Gusky attributes GoldFellow’s® success and rapid growth to a higher level of trust achieved through his company’s transparent business practices and higher payments.

According to the company’s Web site, GoldFellow’s® competitive differences include providing every customer with free FedEx® shipping and insuring each package for $1,000. Its complete online payment schedule is updated daily and, unlike many competitors, GoldFellow® customers must see and accept their offer before they are paid.

“We pride ourselves on being the most responsive to gold sellers and offering some of the best prices and practices in the industry,” says Gusky, who strongly recommends reading a gold buyer’s website and comparing policies and pricing before choosing where to sell their gold.

“Ask how much you will be paid for one pennyweight of 14 karat gold jewelry and compare prices. Ask if you will be notified of your value before you’re paid,” he suggests. “And for goodness sake, never agree to drop your valuables in a regular mailbox. There’s no record or proof that it has been mailed – and it’s not insured although many of our competitors would like you to believe otherwise.”