GoldFellow’s® Glittering Icon is Gold in T.V. Ads

Trusted internet-based gold buyer,, launched its nationwide television advertising campaign this week.

“Though thousands of customers looking to sell gold have found us online via search engines and banner ads, we wanted to reach a broader audience,” says Michael H. Gusky, founder and president of GoldFellow®.

A 30-year gold jewelry industry veteran, Gusky is confident the increased business from the television commercials will not dilute his company’s hallmark business practices.

“We previously stayed away from television because of the high cost and our unwillingness to pay our customers less,” explains Gusky, “but the price of television advertising has fallen substantially, making it possible for us to reach television viewers without compromising our ability to offer higher pricing, same-day payments and the superior customer service that earned us tens of thousands of satisfied customers – and an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau.”

The new 30 and 60 second commercials feature an iconic Mr. GoldFellow® statue informing a woman she can trade her out-of-style earrings for cash. Gusky, who writes a Mr. GoldFellow® blog, jokes that the statue is a thinner, more suave version of himself.

“The GoldFellow® spots,” Gusky maintains, “reinforce some of the unique features and benefits of selling gold to my company. One key point,” he says, “is an independent study showing GoldFellow’s® prices for gold were up to 3 times as much as our competitors.”

According to the company’s Web site,, GoldFellow® offers every customer free FedEx® in-bound shipping, automatically insured for $1,000, and same-day evaluation, pricing and payments. And, every GoldFellow® customer has the chance to see and approve their payment amount before payment is issued.

Gusky strongly recommends reading a company’s Website and comparing policies and pricing before choosing a gold buyer.

“And for goodness sake, never agree to drop your valuables in a regular mailbox. There’s no record or proof that it has been mailed – and it’s not insured although many of our competitors would like you to believe otherwise.”

Gusky, and his wife Robin who is also active in the company, made their reputation during 30 years in the gold jewelry business. Their company grew to become the largest karat gold jewelry manufacturer in the United States, culminating with a sale to Warren Buffett’s, Berkshire-Hathaway in 2007.

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