Michael Gusky, CEO and founder of GoldFellow® was interviewed Monday, November 11, 2012 by morning radio host, Jim Scott on Cincinnati radio 700 WLW.  The two discussed   the impact of President Obama’s re-election on gold price and tips on how to sell gold.   Gusky, a 30+ year gold industry veteran is often sought out by media as an expert on gold and the gold buying industry.  The company’s website contains links to many previous cash for gold news, press releases and videos featuring Gusky and other GoldFellow® executives providing commentary on the gold buying industry, gold price, and selling gold.

With the 2012 Presidential election over and the economy on everyone’s minds, consumers are again interested in gold price and its impact on the value of their scrap gold jewelry.  With his vast experience on both sides of the gold jewelry industry – from his previous company which was the largest gold jewelry manufacturer in the US (sold to Warren Buffett’s Berskshire-Hathaway in early 2007) and his current gold buying company, GoldFellow, Gusky has stepped into the role of consumer advocate in the cash for gold industry.

Earlier this year, Gusky was invited to appear on America’s Money Class with Suze Orman on the Oprah Winfrey Network where he provided information about the value of the various gold karats and tips to help consumers sell gold safely and for the best price.  He has written articles warning consumers about cash for gold scams perpetrated on the public by gold buyers advertising their services on television and radio, hoping consumers will heed his advice, learn about the value of their items before they sell, and find a reputable gold buyer – even if it isn’t his own company.

GoldFellow®’s company mission since its inception in 2007 has been to educate consumers about the value of their scrap gold jewelry.  The company website, www.goldfellow.com contains many articles explaining the various karats of gold; industry weight units like pennyweight and troy ounces and information about gold price.  The rise in gold price in the last five years has triggered interest among consumers in need of cash as well as those trying to take advantage of the opportunity to sell their gold for the best price.  With that interest has come a spate of gold buying companies – not all of which are as upfront with their pricing.  As part of GoldFellow®’s signature transparent pricing, the company updates it’s pricing every day according to the London Afternoon Gold Price and the website features a gold gallery which shows photos of items the company has purchased along with the item’s weight, karat and price.  The idea was to show consumers what other gold sellers were paid for commonly owned pieces of gold, silver, platinum and diamond jewelry so they would have a better and more realistic idea of what their own gold jewelry, gold coins, gold bars and sterling silver service might be worth.  The company also provides a gold calculator pegged to the day’s gold price so customers can estimate the value of their own gold by themselves.

Resouces: Radio 700WLW