Gold Selling advice is readily available on GoldFellow®’s website in English and in Spanish, but we’re always happy when we can reach a wider community and give consumers tips about how to sell gold safely online and in person and for the best price.  Recently, our Doral, Florida store manager, German Orozco was contacted by producers from Univision’s Miami office and asked to participate in a segment on Channel 23’s popular morning show,  Despierta América. German represented GoldFellow and gave gold selling advice in Spanish to thousands of viewers on Tuesday, August 31.

In the gold selling advice segment, German explained the differences in gold content between the various karats of gold.  And, he explained how GoldFellow® posts its prices every day online according to the London Afternoon Gold Price.  Then, German actually tested and weighed customer’s gold right on camera!  While testing and weighing the gold, he explained some of the things consumers should look for when evaluating a gold buyer such as asking to see the gold buyer’s license and checking to make sure the scale being used has been certified.

Many of GoldFellow®’s store managers and corporate staff are bi-lingual which makes obtaining gold selling advice in Spanish so much easier for the Spanish speaking community.  In addition, GoldFellow’s Track-Paks which consumers can use to ship gold to GoldFellow® using our free, insured FedEx® service is also available in Spanish.  To order a Spanish language GoldFellow® Track-Pak, customers can simply click on the words “Ver en Espanol” in the upper right hand corner of any page on GoldFellow®’s website and be directed to which contains most of the same pages from our English language website, fully translated into Spanish.  Spanish speaking gold sellers can read about GoldFellow®’s process and obtain information and gold selling advice in Spanish.