Have you ever wondered how getting cash for gold could breathe new life into the old and broken gold jewelry you have lying around in jewelry boxes and drawers?  It’s very simple!  The precious metal contained in your karat gold jewelry – the actual “Gold” – cannot be destroyed.  Karat gold jewelry can be melted, the gold refined, and then used to make something new.  While some gold jewelry is manufactured from “new” gold from mines around the world – other gold jewelry is made from gold that has been recycled.  Just think…the gold necklace you have on might have been something else before.  Perhaps it was once the gold in a gold watch or a pair of gold earrings?  It might even have been from a GoldFellow puring molten gold into an ingot moldgold coin or gold ingot…you’ll never know!  When you are selling gold jewelry, the items are usually melted, refined and recycled into another piece of gold jewelry, dental gold, gold bars or gold for industrial use!  So, when you clean out your jewelry box to get cash for gold, you’ll be giving new life to your old and broken gold jewelry.

One of the great things about getting cash for gold is you can get more use out of the money you receive than just keeping your out of style gold in a jewelry box or safe.  After all, your gold has value – even if it is broken or ugly!  Lucky for you, today’s gold prices are very high and precious metals dealers, pawn brokers, jewelers, gold party buyers and online gold buyers are asking you to sell gold on television, radio and in print advertisements.  You have a choice between the many gold buyers online and in retail store locations.  If you’re wise, you’ll go through all of your gold jewelry and collect everything you no longer want or wear (because the more gold you sell; the more cash you’ll receive) and select a buyer for your gold jewelry while prices are still high.  Do some research and select a reputable gold buyer (check them out on the Better Business Bureau website) and then join the many people who have decided that now is a good time to look into getting cash for gold.

To have the most satisfying and profitable cash for gold experience, take the time to compare retail and online gold buyers.  Your objective is to obtain the highest gold payout along with the highest degree of trust, safety and security.  Since you’re aware that even your broken and ugly scrap gold jewelry has intrinsic value for the gold contained within, you should be very careful about the method you choose to obtain your gold cash.  If you are concerned about carrying your gold jewelry on your person or traveling distances to pawn shops and jewelry stores for estimates, the right online buyer using an insured, trackable shipping method may be your safest bet.  Reputable online gold buyers like GoldFellow®.com offer free, insured in-bound as well as return FedEx® shipping so if you don’t like the written offer, you can get your items back free of charge.  If you do choose to sell gold online, be cautious: Do not put your gold jewelry into an envelope and drop it in your mailbox.  There is no way to ensure it will safely arrive at its destination.  Either choose an online gold buyer providing trackable, free, insured FedEx® shipping – or sell your gold jewelry face to face.  GoldFellow® offers both options: the convenience of an online gold selling experience – as well as the availability of cash for gold locations and by appointment offices throughout the United States for customers who want a discreet, in-person experience.

Gold sellers who are concerned about the environment will be pleased to know that obtaining cash for gold is a win-win situation.  While returning gold into the gold market where it is recycled and reused breathes new life into old jewelry, it’s also less harmful to the environment.  Recycling old gold jewelry produces less waste and consumes less energy than mining.  So, one could say getting cash for gold not only puts “green” in your pocket…it’s also a “greener thing” to do.