gold fellow online gold buyersIn the online cash for gold industry, GoldFellow® comes out tops in customer service.  How can one company consistently receive high marks from people selling gold?  It’s easy when you start with employees who sincerely care and a website designed to help consumers know what their gold is worth before selling gold.  Time and time again, GoldFellow® staff receives high marks for going above and beyond to assist consumers in understanding the value of their gold and for helping customers have a superior gold selling experience.  GoldFellow® is a nationwide buyer and refiner of precious metals buying gold online – but when it comes to our culture of customer service, we act like the little shop around the corner.  GoldFellow® offers a safe, easy, fast online cash for gold transaction.

In the gold buying industry, there are certain benchmarks for customer service gold sellers should expect.  After all, it is your gold!   Consumers should expect a transaction that begins with free, insured FedEx® shipping, includes full tracking and communication and ends with the customer getting their cash for gold.  GoldFellow® wholeheartedly wants to earn your business – and wants you to be a returning and referring customer, so we work hard to differentiate ourselves from other gold buyers.  Superior customer service means operating with transparency and providing consumers with a precious metals education.  Peruse our website.  You’ll see GoldFellow® proudly posts the prices it pays every day for scrap gold.  From the smallest amount of 10 karat gold, 14 karat gold, 18 karat gold and 22 karat gold – up through large quantities, gold sellers can count on GoldFellow®’s daily posting of scrap gold prices.  When trying to obtain the most cash for your gold, it is in your best interest to review the scrap gold prices paid for the relevant karats of gold.  And, if there’s something you don’t understand, call or email us.  You should always expect to reach a live customer service representative from any online cash for gold buyer.

Many online gold buyers use call centers to handle their customer service phone lines.  While call center representatives may be able to take your request for a cash for gold shipping envelope and answer general questions about scrap gold, do you feel assured speaking with someone who cannot immediately access your gold and give you more detailed information?   When you email online cash for gold companies, wouldn’t you expect direct and timely responses to your gold selling questions?  Let’s face it.  With today’s high gold price, you want informed and timely responses to your questions so you can get the most cash for your gold.  GoldFellow® employees know how important your gold selling transaction is and do everything possible to assist you.

“GoldFellow® pioneered improvements and systems, raising standards for the cash for gold industry,” said Michael Gusky, founder of online gold buyer GoldFellow® and a 30+ year gold industry veteran.  “We knew it wouldn’t be long before others attempted to replicate our systems, but any improvements we made which others may have copied have been beneficial to the gold selling public,” said Gusky.  “At a time when online gold sellers had to settle for putting gold in the mail and getting a shockingly low surprise check back, we introduced free FedEx® shipping insured for $1000 and daily posting of our scrap gold prices – even for very small quantities of gold,” he added. “That benefited consumers.”

According to Gusky, GoldFellow® created its exclusive GoldView® so customers seeking cash for gold could see a written valuation of their items the same day the company received them – and accept or decline their settlement – before they were paid.  “We created a high level of trust by communicating with our customer’s throughout the entire process” added Gusky.  “GoldFellow® has acted as the consumer’s advocate in the cash for gold industry and raised the bar for other online gold buyers.”

Read the company’s testimonials for a glimpse into how superior customer service – from daily posted gold prices, free insured and trackable FedEx® shipping and committed staff translates into a happy online cash for gold experience for GoldFellow®’s customers.  Each and every gold seller testimonial comes from an unsolicited email sent to GoldFellow® by a real customer.  Included in the gold selling testimonials is even an email from a person who chose not to sell gold to GoldFellow® but thanked the company for its honesty and customer service!  It’s no accident GoldFellow® has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and has been featured in a Better Business Bureau publication.  GoldFellow® works hard to earn your cash for gold business.

GoldFellow® understands our reputation is on the line with every single cash for gold transaction.   We take your concerns and questions seriously because we know you are trying to obtain a high payout for your unwanted gold jewelry, gold coins, platinum, silver and diamonds.  Educating consumers about what their gold is worth and how to get more cash for gold is part of our mission and we accomplish that through an informative website, daily posted gold prices and our gold payments gallery where consumers can browse photos of actual gold jewelry we’ve purchased along with the gold weight in pennyweight and gram units and the gold payout.   Our reputation as the trusted gold buyer has been earned by providing a safe, secure transaction and responsive customer service.  At GoldFellow® we know doing a great job for consumers is essential to developing trust and earning your continued business and referrals. We want you to be happy with your gold selling experience today and come back to us tomorrow when you need more cash for gold.