Get Cash for Silver

Get cash for silver from GoldFellow®. We buy sterling silver marked .925 and .999 in the metal. Get cash for silver items including tarnished tea sets, bent spoons, broken earrings and coins. It has never been easier and safer to sell silver online.

May I ship sterling silver along with my gold items?

Ship your small sterling silver items and silver jewelry along with your gold and platinum jewelry using GoldFellow®’s free FedEx® Express Saver service.

Important note: if the package weighs more than 1 pound – or is bulky – follow the instructions below.

Got heavy or bulky sterling silver items like teapots, platters, bowls and candlesticks?

You can get cash for silver items too heavy, large or bulky to fit in a FedEx® envelope with ease! We’ll email you everything you need to ship your items including a FedEx® Ground shipping label you can affix to any appropriately-sized carton.



How is sterling silver priced?

GoldFellow® purchases sterling silver by weight and purity. We test, weigh and price your valuables the same day they arrive at our processing facility and post your settlement offer online for you to view and approve.

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GoldFellow® Process

There is no reason to be nervous about selling silver online. We offer FedEx® Express Saver mailing which is a faster and safer way to sell your silver online.

Once the silver arrives, we process it on the same day and notify you of the results by phone and email. You have the opportunity to review our buying price BEFORE you accept. Once you accept, the money is transferred immediately.

Sell silver online with the most trusted silver buyer in the U.S.


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