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How do I ship my old gold jewelry to you?

  1. First complete the GoldFellow® Get Started form. Within minutes, you’ll be able to print a pre-paid FedEx® air bill, a packing slip and gold jewelry shipping instructions telling you where to sell gold.
  2. Then, simply place your items and packing slip inside any envelope or sealable-type plastic bag and seal it to prevent small items from becoming lost.
  3. Take your package to FedEx Office® or any other FedEx® shipping location. Locate your nearest FedEx® location.
  4. Place the envelope or bag containing your gold jewelry items and completed packing slip inside a FedEx® envelope. FedEx® envelopes are available at all FedEx® locations.
  5. Affix the FedEx® air bill to the FedEx® shipping envelope and hand it to the shipping clerk or drop it in the FedEx® pick-up bin.

Does it cost me anything to send you my gold jewelry?

All FedEx® Express Saver shipping charges are paid by GoldFellow® if we issue the shipping label. If you’re in a hurry to receive your cash for gold, FedEx® Standard Overnight shipping is available and charges will be deducted from your cash settlement.Does it cost me anything to send you my gold jewelry?

I’m not in a hurry. Can you send me everything I need by mail?

Of course we can. Just select, “Get a FREE FedEx® label by mail,” on the GoldFellow® Get Started form. We’ll mail you everything you need to ship us your scrap and unwanted gold jewelry.

What if I’m not ready to send my jewelry right now?

You’re under no obligation. If you decide not to send your old jewelry right away, your FedEx® air bill is good for 10 days. So, feel free to keep searching through your home for more unwanted scrap gold, silver and platinum.

How can I track my package?

The fastest way to track your FedEx® package is to type the FedEx® tracking number into the Google search bar.

How will I know if GoldFellow® received my gold jewelry package?

If you shipped your gold to GoldFellow® via our FedEx® service, you will receive an email when your package has arrived. You can always track your package by logging into your GoldView™ account – or – by typing your FedEx® tracking number into the Google search bar.

Can I send my scrap gold by mail or another carrier?

Yes. Simply complete the GoldFellow® Get Started form and select the “Ship & Insure Myself” option. You will be able to print a packing slip, generic shipping label and instructions from your computer. If you choose to use the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, DHL or other courier, we strongly recommend you insure your gold jewelry package for its full value and arrange for tracking. GoldFellow® online gold buyers can only pay for, insure and track packages for which we issue FedEx® air bills.

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My Account

I forgot my password. Can you send it to me?

For security purposes, your password is encrypted. But, we can issue you a new password to use instead. Click on “Password Help” at the bottom of any page. Follow the instructions to receive a new 4-character, case-sensitive password.

What is GoldView™?

GoldView™ was created with you in mind. We believe you have a right to know the value of your unwanted gold, silver and platinum jewelry before we issue cash payment. We also realize that sometimes you need your payment fast. GoldView™ gives you 24 hours after we notify you to see your cash for gold jewelry settlement, accept it and expedite your payment, or decline. The faster you accept, the faster your payment gets processed. If we don’t hear from you within 24 hours, we’ll process your payment by the method you selected on your GoldFellow® “Get Started” form. But, we want you to have the opportunity to see the cash value of your gold if you choose to.

How does GoldView™ work?

Click “Customer Login” or the GoldView™ link at the bottom of any page. Use your email address and the password you created when you opened your customer account, to log on. By clicking the “See My Settlement” button, you will see your itemized settlement. Clicking, “accept,” will initiate the payment process. If you decline, we will begin processing the return of your items. You can also change your payment method at this time.

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How does GoldFellow® calculate the cash value of my gold jewelry?

GoldFellow® calculates the cash value of your gold jewelry primarily based on these factors:

  • The price of gold as quoted by the London afternoon fixing on the day of settlement.
  • The karat content of your gold which is a percentage of 24 karat:10kt is 41.6%; 14kt is 58.3%; 18kt is 75% gold.
  • The actual weight of your gold jewelry items.

How will I be paid?

You can choose to be paid by company check, by wire transfer into your bank or brokerage account, eCheck to your PayPal™ account, electronic transfers via Apple Pay, G Pay, Venmo and Zelle.

Are there any service fees? Who is responsible?

Payment By Check – Payments are mailed via US Postal Service from Weston, Florida. Depending on the distance, most checks will arrive in less than 6 business days. This payment method is free.

Payment by Overnight Check – Payments sent to you by FedEx® Standard Overnight shipping carry a charge of $23 which is automatically deducted from your settlement if you choose this payment method.

Payment by PayPal eCheck – PayPal eCheck payments can take 3 – 5 business days to clear. GoldFellow® does not charge for this service, however, PayPal may charge you a service fee depending on the type of PayPal account you have. It is your responsibility to know the terms of your PayPal account. GoldFellow® is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any fees charged you by PayPal.

Payment by Wire Transfer – Wire transfers usually appear in your bank account within a few hours of processing. GoldFellow® is charged a service fee by our bank which we pass on to the customer as a $10 Wire Transfer deduction. Wire transfer fee is waived on transactions of $1,000 or more. Some banking institutions may charge their customers additional fees for receiving the wire. GoldFellow® cannot possibly know the wire transfer policies of all banking institutions nor advise you. It is your responsibility to find out if you will be charged additional fees by your bank. GoldFellow® is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any additional fees charged by your banking institution.

New Technologies, Apple Pay, G Pay, Venmo and Zelle –  GoldFellow® will send your money via the above mentioned technologies based on your selection. By using these technologies you understand that is your responsibility to provide the correct account numbers. GoldFellow® cannot possibly know the policies of each technology nor advise you. It is your responsibility to find out if you will be charged additional fees and you understand that providing the correct information is solely your responsibilty. GoldFellow® is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any additional fees charged. GoldFellow is not liable for any moneys lost due to incorrect account numbers used. Please make 100% sure of your account number when using these technologies as NO REFUNDS OR REIMBURSEMENTS will be possible. 

Now I know where to sell gold, can I also find out how much I’m going to be paid before you pay me?

Yes, GoldFellow® created GoldView™ so you can see your cash for gold settlement in advance. We’ll contact you by email or telephone to let you know your settlement is ready. You have 24 hours to log onto GoldView™ and see your cash settlement. Our policy is to issue cash for gold payments within 24 hours of processing so if we don’t hear from you, after 24 hours we will process your payment.

What if I’m unable to access the internet? Will I still get paid within 24 hours?

Yes. Our policy is to issue cash for gold payment according to the payment method you selected within 24 hours of processing your gold jewelry package.

What if I’m unhappy with the amount of my cash for gold settlement?

If you selected to be paid by company check, you will have 10 days from the date on the check to notify us by email or telephone that you wish to decline the settlement and return the check. When your un-cashed check is timely received, we will return your items. GoldFellow® will ship your items back to you via shipping method of our choosing, but will only insure the package for the cash value of your settlement. If you selected to be paid by wire transfer or PayPal™, you agree to the terms and conditions of immediate payment which includes a waiver of a return period. That is why we created GoldView™.

By logging onto GoldView™ within 24 hours of notification, you can decline your cash for gold settlement if you’re unhappy. But, after 24 hours, if you have not logged on to accept or decline your settlement (or done so by telephone during regular office hours) we will issue your wire transfer or PayPal™ payment, the transaction will be complete and your unwanted gold jewelry items will be destroyed.

Can I change my payment method?

You can change your payment method when you view your cash for gold settlement in GoldView™ within 24 hours of notification.

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Selling My Jewelry

What can I send?

Send any scrap gold, silver or platinum items you no longer want. We do not buy costume jewelry or gold-filled or gold-plated items. Please note: Do not send items of deep sentimental value as once the transaction is completed, the items will be destroyed. See what we buy.

Do I need to do anything to my gold jewelry before sending it?

There is no need to clean, fix or sort your old jewelry.

How much gold jewelry and other items can I send?

We will purchase any amount of gold, silver or platinum jewelry you wish to sell. If you believe your items are valued at over $2,500, please call for special insurance and shipping arrangements. Please note: GoldFellow® is Patriot Act compliant. Certain transactions may be subject to additional federal reporting and recordkeeping requirements.

Do I need to weigh my gold jewelry before I send it?

No. GoldFellow® gold buyers will accurately weigh your gold jewelry items on an electronic scale and you’ll be able to see the weight online using our exclusive GoldView™.

What if some of the items I send do not test to be gold, silver or platinum?

Items which do not test to be gold, silver or platinum are considered of no-value. GoldFellow’s® policy is to return items of no-value to the customer via First Class mail.

Do you buy diamonds?

We purchase diamonds that are ¼ carat or larger. We do not purchase diamonds under ¼ carat or any other gemstones.

Can you remove and return my gemstones?

We are happy to remove and return any prong-set stones larger than 2.0 millimeters. We cannot remove pavé, chips, baguettes or bezel or channel set stones. You must indicate your request for stone removal on your packing slip.

Is there a charge for gemstone removal?

We will gladly remove stones at no charge. But to ensure their safe return to you, stones are returned via FedEx® Home Delivery with a signature required. There is a $10 shipping charge deducted from your settlement for this service. Your package is insured for up to $100. Please note FedEx® cannot deliver to a PO Box, so be sure to provide a physical address.

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Gold Facts

How can I tell if my items are gold?

The simplest way is to read the karat markings on each piece. Any one of these indicates that your jewelry is gold:

  • For 10 karat- 10k, 10kt, 416
  • For 14 karat- 14k, 14kt, 585
  • For 18 karat- 18k, 18kt, 750
  • For Platinum- 950PT, Platinum, 950PT 10%IR
  • For Silver – STERLING, 925, SILVER
  • 1/10 GF refers to gold filled and is not solid gold. Please do not send anything marked in this manner.
  • Vermeil refers to gold plated on Sterling Silver and will be valued as silver.

How much gold jewelry equals an ounce of gold?

It takes 2.400 ounces of 10K, 1.714 ounces of 14K, 1.333 ounces of 18K or 1.091 ounces of 22K gold jewelry to equal one ounce of pure gold. See chart.

Why should I sell my scrap or unwanted gold today?

There has never been a better time to sell unwanted or broken gold jewelry. Gold prices are at an all time high.

What happens after I sell my scrap gold and have been paid?

Once your check is cashed or electronic payment is issued, your gold jewelry will be melted. Then the precious metals will be reclaimed, refined and recycled.

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How do I know GoldFellow® is safe?

We pride ourselves on our good name established over 35 years in the gold jewelry business. As part of our goal for transparency and our pledge of trustworthiness, we make an internal security video of your gold jewelry package and its contents while being opened and we keep a photographic record of all your items.

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