diamond education learn about the 4Cs: carat, color, cut and clarity!

Diamond education begins with the 4Cs. GoldFellow® believes consumers benefit from education about diamonds and precious metals so they can get the best price and have the most rewarding experience when selling their valuables.

Carat, Color, Cut and Clarity

The 4Cs refer to Carat, Color, Clarity and Cut. These criteria were introduced in the mid-twentieth century by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) along with its International Diamond Grading System™, as a way for professionals to objectively compare diamonds.

The 4C’s are recognized by nearly every individual who has ever come into contact with a diamond. They may have learned about the 4Cs from a salesperson while shopping for diamond jewelry or a diamond engagement ring. And, the grading system which rates color, from colorless through yellow; cut from excellent to poor; and clarity from flawless through those with significant inclusions, is recognized by nearly all diamond professionals as the industry standard. There is a wealth of literature online about diamond grading and GoldFellow® encourages consumers interested in selling diamonds to get educated so they understand the true value of their diamond before they decide to sell.

Generally, the better the overall quality of the diamond, the more value it has in today’s market. But certain cuts such as the round brilliant command a higher price than a similar quality diamond of a different cut.

GoldFellow® gemologists evaluate diamonds according to the 4Cs. Small un-certified diamonds (over .25 carat and up to 1 carat) which are either loose or set in jewelry can be sent along with other items made of gold, silver and platinum. They will be valued according to their qualities as described by the 4Cs and an offer will appear separately from the precious metals on the settlement.

Diamonds over 1 carat and any certified stones are also valued according to their cut, carat, color and clarity. GoldFellow® recommends diamond sellers with large or certified stones call our toll free number during regular business hours to discuss insurance options before shipping. Information from the certification or if none exists, from a sales receipt or insurance appraisal will be most helpful. The price GoldFellow® offers will be determined once the stone has been inspected by a GoldFellow® gemologist and compared to similar stones at current market value.

Click the links below to learn more about the criteria by which diamonds are graded throughout the world.


If you have other questions about diamonds in general or about selling diamonds to GoldFellow®,  you can find answers on our Diamond FAQ page.

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