Answering the Most Common Questions About Natural Colored Diamonds

Answering the Most Common Questions About Natural Colored Diamonds

While most people are familiar with the beauty behind the classic white or colorless diamonds frequently chosen for engagement rings and wedding bands,not many are as familiar with the value and charm of natural-colored diamonds. They are considered extremely rare, but there’s no denying how their natural colors sparkle. With the help of the trusted diamond buyers in South Florida, the professional diamond connoisseurs at Goldfellow are here to answer the most common questions about natural-colored diamonds.

What Are Colored Diamonds?

Natural-colored diamonds are rare diamonds whose color is the result of structural defects or impurities found within it, unlike colorless or white diamonds, which are pure.

How Are Natural-Colored Diamonds Formed?

Similar to white diamonds, natural-colored diamonds are formed when carbon atoms are exposed to extremely high temperatures and pressure. When traces of different elements or radiation interact with the carbon atoms, it causes the natural pigmentation found in natural-colored diamonds.

Chemicals such as nitrogen, boron, or sulphur that interact with the carbon atoms under pressure can result in diamonds that are yellow, green, and blue. If carbon atoms in the process of creating a diamond are exposed to an exorbitant amount of hydrogen, it can create purple diamonds.

Colored diamonds are a beautiful anomaly of nature and its incredible capabilities.

What Colors Can Diamonds Be?

The range of colors that appear in these rare diamonds includes brown and yellow, which are the most common, as well as pink, blue, orange, green, red, violet, gray, and black. The intensity of these colors can also vary from very light to positively vivid. While most gemologists will note that there are 27 color hues that can be found in natural-colored diamonds, there are well over 200 different variations and shades today.

Most Common Diamond Colors:

-          Brown

-          Yellow

-          Gray

Rarest Colored Diamonds:

-          Pink

-          Blue

-          Orange

-          Green

-          Red

-          Violet

What Are the Rarest Colored Diamonds?

Red diamonds are among the rarest natural-colored diamonds on the market. Consequently, they are also the most expensive compared to the oher diamond colors. The value increases as the color intensity and carat measurement increase as well. Pink, green, and violet are also among the rare natural-colored diamonds found in the world.

Are Colored Diamonds More Expensive?

As colored diamonds are quite rare, even more so than colorless diamonds, they are also very much in demand. The value of natural-colored diamonds is not equal across the board since the different colors and the intensity of those colors are not equally as rare. A brown or yellow diamond, which are more common, would not be as valuable as a pink or red diamond, which are two of the rarest colored diamonds in the world. Other factors that are taken into account include the size, the carat, and the cut of the colored diamonds.

Regardless of the color, these rare diamonds cost quite a bit of money. As such, people will often opt for lab-grown diamonds that are synthetically dyed in order to achieve their beautiful pigmentation, they just won’t be worth as much as the real thing.

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