As part of GoldFellow®’s community outreach, the company donated 200 tickets to the 2010 pre-season Miami Dolphins opening game to local charities.  Children Battling Cancer, a Florida-based non-profit received a donation of thirty tickets to the August fourteenth game at Dolphin’s Stadium.

According the the Children Battling Cancer website, the organization is dedicated “to bridging the gap between the community and the families batting this disease by raising awareness of the immense struggles families face when a child is diagnosed with cancer while raising support for the families”

Since children undergoing treatment for cancer are often isolated due to their suppressed immune systems, they often miss out on the simple pleasures of childhood like attending birthday parties and going to movies.  The Miami Dolphin’s ticket donation from GoldFellow® gave thirty children battling cancer and their families a brief respite from their ordeal.  In addition to funds to assist children and families battling cancer, the organization requests donation of tickets to events and attractions as part of their family day out program which the organization touts as a way to replace some of the bad memories of diagnosis and treatment with some good ones.

GoldFellow®’s ticket donation was conceived by employees of the Weston, Florida based national gold buyer and refiner as a creative way to make a difference in their community.  The employees hosted the event at the stadium and provided all of their guests with bright yellow commemorative tee shirts.  In addition to Children Battling Cancer (CBC), some of the other local organizations who benefited from the ticket giveaway included Kids in Distress, Children’s Harbor and Florida Breast Cancer Foundation.

Children Battling Cancer thanked GoldFellow® in the letter below:

Thank You letter to GoldFellow from Children Battling Cancer for donation of Miami Dolphin's Tickets

Thank You From Children Battling Cancer

Dear Cynthia and the GoldFellow Team,

We would like to extend our sincere thanks for donating 30 tickets to the Miami Dolphins Game to the Children Battling Cancer organization.

We were able to share these tickets with the families of the Joe DiMaggio Pediatric Oncology Unit.  These small family outings provide a wonderful reprieve to the world of childhood cancer for both the patient and the siblings of childhood cancer.

This has been a blessing to our Family Day Out Program.  Thank you for your generosity.


Dawn George

Children Battling Cancer, Inc.