Consumers who wish to cash in gold with GoldFellow® have several options available to them.  They can print a GoldFellow® Track-Pak from their computer containing a FedEx® air bill insured for up to $1,000, packing slip and instructions – and then ship their gold to GoldFellow® for free.  Another option is to have GoldFellow® mail the consumer a Track-Pak containing everything they need to ship their gold including a FedEx® envelope with the free, insured air bill already attached and a pre-labeled poly bag for their gold.  All they need to do is complete the packing slip, insert their scrap gold and packing slip into the poly-bag, place everything inside the pre-paid FedEx® envelope and take their package to a convenient FedEx® location.  Consumers can also cash in gold at a GoldFellow® gold party where they can earn 10% of everything bought at their party plus beverage reimbursements and referral fees – or they can visit one of the GoldFellow® Walk-in Stores or GoldFellow®-by-Appointment offices located throughout the US.

To cash in gold using our Free FedEx® service, simply complete the GoldFellow® sign up form to create your account.  Then ship your gold!  The same day we receive your package; we’ll test your items for karat, weigh them and post your settlement value for you to view online.  Your settlement is itemized by metal and karat – not by item.  All of your jewelry of a particular metal and purity is weighed together.  For example all of your 14 Karat rings, earring, chains and bracelets are weighed as a 14 Karat lot and posted on your settlement as 14K.  After reviewing your settlement, if you agree to cash in your gold, we’ll pay you by the payment method you selected.  If you choose to decline your settlement value, we’ll return your items free of charge to you via FedEx®, insured for the value of the settlement.