Media attention seems to be focused on some highly advertised cash for gold companies, exposing their misleading business practices and the fact they don’t give big payouts for unwanted gold, silver, platinum and diamonds. But, when consumers take the time to research gold buyers and check each gold buyer’s Better Business Bureau report, they will be happy to learn there is a reputable cash for gold buyer in Weston, Florida that will pay you more money than you expect for your gold.

With gold prices at historic highs, consumers can take advantage of the gold price momentum by bringing their unwanted gold to the GoldFellow® store in Weston, FL or one of GoldFellow®’s other cash in gold Florida walk-in locations. At GoldFellow®  you will always get paid more for your gold than you expected! Do you want to know how to get paid the most for your old gold? Follow the suggestions below:

Learn how to identify real gold so you will understand the value of your gold items before you try to sell them. The first step to selling gold for the highest payout is knowing exactly what you have.  You want to make sure the gold items you bring to your gold buyer are actual 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K or 24K gold.  Gold buyers will not purchase costume jewelry, gold filled and gold plated items. You will also  need to make sure your other precious metals like silver are truly .925 or .999 sterling silver and your platinum is .950 platinum.

In the cash for gold industry, pawnbrokers, jewelry stores and gold buyers will only pay you for the gold content of the items you wish to sell. That means that the karat gold jewelry you have is not pure gold so don’t expect to be paid the published gold price but rather a percentage of that price based on the karat.  In addition, some gold buyers may pay you more per pennyweight if you are selling a lot of gold.  So, if you know the items you wish to sell are gold, it would be best to try to sell the largest amount possible at one time.  GoldFellow posts the prices it pays for all gold karats based on total gold weight and updates these prices every day.

In addition to identifying your gold jewelry, you’ll want to find a cash for gold broker who will pay out the most cash for your unwanted gold items. Though it seems obvious, many people do not know the basics of selling gold.  They can be tempted by advertising claims and not do their research.  Not all gold buyers offer high payouts.  Find a gold buyer who will show you the price they pay for gold every day.  Look for a gold company that will give you a free estimate and has a high rating from the Better Business Bureau.  GoldFellow in Weston, Florida is a Better Business Bureau  A+ rated gold buyer.

The Better Business Bureau report on a cash for gold company is invaluable.  Take the time to read through the reports of company’s you’re considering selling gold to.  You can learn a great deal about a company’s culture and customer service philosophy by the number of complaints they receive and how they handle complaints from dissatisfied cash for gold customers.

In Weston, Florida you can get even more cash for gold by keeping an eye out for special offers and bonuses that GoldFellow® may put in local magazines, newspapers and direct mailers to introduce the GoldFellow® store in Weston. Getting the most cash for your gold is easy when you take the time and effort to go through all your gold jewelry and sell your gold to GoldFellow®, the most reputable gold buyer in Weston, Florida.  It’s a New Year.  Gold prices are still high and it’s a great time to sell unwanted gold jewelry, gold watches and gold coins and get the most cash.

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