14 karat gold bracelet, sell gold

A gold chain can add a simple touch of elegance and personality to your look. But perhaps you’ve decided now is the time to sell gold jewelry you no longer wear and earn some cash for gold. Understanding the process and knowing what to look for will help you determine the best price for your gold jewelry.

Is the Gold Real?

Determine the authenticity of your gold with a few simple tests:

  • Look for hallmarks stamped into the gold indicating the karat weight of the gold.
  • Gold is not magnetic, so you can test your jewelry with a magnet.
  • Real gold is dense; drop it into a cup or tank of water. Real gold will sink.
  • Apply liquid foundation to your skin and rub the gold on the area. Real gold will react to the foundation and leave a black streak.
  • Though the nitric acid test is another way to test the purity of gold, it is not recommended for jewelry, which is sometimes mixed with other metals that will react to the nitric acid even though gold does not react.

Even after these simple tests, it can still be hard to determine if your gold chain is the real deal or how much it could be worth. Consult a professional jeweler who offers cash for gold to help you inspect the clasps and give you a quote for your gold chain.

Questions for Your Gold Jeweler

A professional jeweler with enough experience to buy and sell gold jewelry can help you determine the value of your gold chain. Avoid pawn shops or stores that do not have experience in the gold buying industry. Before you sell your gold, you should:

  • Use a gold estimator to get an idea what your gold might be worth.
  • Research reputable jewelers who value gold.
  • Ask questions about the properties of the gold you’re selling for future reference.

Following these steps can help you sell your gold chain, At GoldFellow, with 35 years of experience, you can trust us to give you the honest price you deserve. Get cash for gold, it’s easy! All you do have to do is contact us and we can give you cash for gold.