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Scrap gold is unwanted or extra gold that has been melted and processed down into something that can be reprocessed and sold again. The tiny bits or pieces of gold that you have lying around the house can become something valuable by being sold to scrap gold buyers, but how? Our expert gold buyers at Goldfellow explain the process of how you can sell scrap gold.

Research Current Gold Prices

Before you even begin the gold selling process, research the current gold market and know what the price of gold is currently. You want to sell your scrap gold when the gold market is strong, and the gold market is up in your country.

Evaluate Your Jewelry Before Taking it to a Scrap Gold Buyer

It is important to know the weight and karat of your gold before melting it down. At Goldfellow, we have the best gold scrap calculator to determine this factor. You want to make sure your scrap gold is clean and ready to be sold to ensure the best price when you take it to a scrap gold buyer, clean it with some warm water and let it air dry.

Avoid Scams

Research the company or person you are selling your scrap gold to. There are plenty of people out there who want to make a quick dollar and will scam you out of a true price. Look for a refiner or a company who has knowledge in scrap gold buying and has the right tools such as a gold scrap calculator to determine the price of your gold.

Contact us at Goldfellow to learn more how we can give you cash for gold. Our experts will get you the best possible price for your scrap gold.