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Diamonds. Over the years, there has been a lot of questioning if investing in a diamond is a good investment and if you do, does a diamond have a resale value many years later? The answer to that is yes. Diamonds do have a resale value, but there are important factors such to consider. Clarity, cut and any noticeable flaws can affect the resale value and selling process of your diamond.

Factors That Affect Diamond Resale Value

If you want to get cash for diamonds, it is important to know who you are selling your diamond to and what condition your diamond is in. To get the full value of your diamond, you should look out for flaws in the stone that might affect the resale value, take note if the diamond is branded, this can play a huge part in the resale value. Also, is your diamond the actual stone? Or is it in a piece of jewelry? Protect your diamond with maximum care to have a resale value many years later if you want to sell or trade your diamonds.

Where to Sell Your Diamond

You might be shocked to get such low offers in the beginning, but don’t settle for anything you don’t trust and never sell to a pawn shop. A pawn shop does not know the important aspects of a diamond and will always offer a lower price then what the price of the diamond was when you bought it. Trust in the right people to look at your diamond and get the proper cash for diamonds amount you want.

Research the right person before you sign and trade your diamond away. Here at Goldfellow, we have experts who are trusting and serious in making sure you get the proper resale value for your diamond. Let us help you in our safe and protected environment, contact us to get the cash for diamonds you deserve.

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