18 Karat White Gold Diamond Ring

Whether you are no longer married or you’re looking for an upgrade, selling your engagement ring is a personal choice, one that can be hard to do in the beginning. But once you decide you are ready to get cash for your diamonds, the one important rule to follow is: never sell your engagement ring to a jeweler.

Avoid Jewelry Stores

If you got your engagement ring with the diamond from a jeweler, chances are they bought that diamond at a low cost and then raised the price to make a profit. A jeweler will get a diamond from a wholesaler at a certain price and increase it when they sell to the potential customer.

If you decide to sell your ring, a jeweler will never give you the price you paid or even the market value at the time unless you have an extremely rare diamond. They need to repurchase it at a lower price to be able to make a profit when they sell it again.

Why You Should Sell Your Engagement Ring Online

So now that you know why you shouldn’t sell your engagement ring to a jeweler, it’s worth noting how much they offer you in order to compare it with other offers you receive elsewhere for your ring. In doing so, you’ll soon realize that there are other places where you can sell, such as GoldFellow, that will give you cash for diamonds at the value and honest price you deserve.

At GoldFellow, we accept diamonds of all shapes, sizes, colors! We even accept non-certified diamonds.

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