gold rings



If you’re in the midst of a divorce or are simply uninterested in that engagement ring of yours, getting cash for diamonds is the way to go. Below are some steps from our gold buyers here at Goldfellow that can help you get the most of your engagement ring.

Understand How Diamonds Are Valued

You must understand the value of your ring, size, cut, clarity, and color. These are important factors that play a major part in the value and worth of your engagement ring. Know that one big diamond is worth more than a few smaller ones. Cuts and scrapes can also hurt the value of your diamond. Is the band silver or gold? These additional factors can help in the value and worth of your engagement ring, as well.

Selling Your Diamonds

When obtaining cash for diamonds, it must be treated like a business deal. It’s important to go into selling your engagement ring by knowing what you want. If hesitation occurs, think as to why you are hesitating. Be smart about the decision to sell your diamond ring. Don’t rush into selling your ring, no matter how bad you want to get it off your hands, or finger. Research your options and be smart about your decision. Treat selling your diamonds like you’re looking into a new business deal – read the fine print and understand the logistics.

A Company You Can Trust

There are a lot of companies out there who will buy your jewelry. The truth is, they will purchase your ring for cheap and pawn the extra money. Here at Goldfellow, we are a trusted company that is secure and reliable. We know the market and we work with you to provide you with the best result.

Once you’re ready to sell your engagement ring, our gold buyers at Goldfellow can help you get started in the process.