May 31
Measuring Silver’s Value: How is it Calculated?
How is the value of silver calculated? It can be tricky but the experts at Goldfellow can help.
Feb 15
Tips on Selling Silverware
Selling your silverware for cash is the easiest and most reliable way to not only earn a profit, but also a way to divest yourself of unwanted flatware. There are some steps you should follow, though, when it comes to earning cash for silver.
Feb 08
How to Sell Silver Jewelry
With so many people out there willing to take your silver jewelry and give you cash in return, it is important to know who buys silver jewelry. Is silver jewelry worth selling to begin with? Our experts at Goldfellow answer these questions and more.
Feb 01

A timeless masterpiece, sterling silver is a classic metal from which jewelry is often made in order to last a lifetime. The sterling silver quality is important to consider if you are looking to get cash for silver. Learn how to keep sterling silver from fading and how to deal with sterling silver ...