No matter the reason is, selling your gold to a reputable company is always the best way to go. If this is your first time selling your gold and you aren’t sure where to begin, our gold buyers at Goldfellow are here to share some of the do and don’ts of selling gold.

Shop Around

Do some research online about gold buying companies or reach out to family and friends who have sold their jewelry in the past. Always get multiple quotes from different companies who sell gold and then compare their pros and cons to choose one that works best for your needs.

Avoid Pawn Shops

Pawn shops are notorious for giving you the least amount of money for your gold. Beyond that, they do not recognize pieces that are of higher value. Pawn shops don’t think about the customer like reputable buyers of gold do. It’s best to avoid a pawn shop entirely when you are considering selling your gold.


Before you even sell the gold, organize the pieces. Look for stamps of 10k or 14k and know what is in your collection before you sell it.

Get Quotes

Call the gold buying companies you’ve narrowed down to. Get quotes of the prices and listen to what each one is offering in full detail. You’ll want a company that knows what they are talking about and look for a relationship between customer and company. Never sell your gold without a quote. It’s important to hear everything before you go ahead and hand it over.

Professional Gold Buyers

Just remember, a professional gold buyer will always give you the best price when it come to selling your gold. Our company at Goldfellow will provide you with the honest and reliable source you are looking for. Getting cash for gold in Florida should not be a difficult proves. We have many happy customers – and if you don’t believe us, trust the reviews!

The best way to sell gold is to follow the steps listed above. Everyone here at Goldfellow is waiting for you. We work with people just like you every day and have secured our process completely. We have the best tools of the trade to determine pricing for your gold. Contact us today.