May 31
Best Gold Accessories Perfect for Father’s Day
What Gold Accessories to Get Dad for Father’s Day
May 31
What is White Gold’s Worth?
Gold prices rose during the pandemic so the Goldfellow experts will help you figure out the worth of your gold and if now is a good time to sell.
May 31
Measuring Silver’s Value: How is it Calculated?
How is the value of silver calculated? It can be tricky but the experts at Goldfellow can help.
Apr 13
What is 18K Gold Worth?
At Goldfellow we are the experts when it comes to knowing the value of 18K gold. which is why we are explaining what 18K gold is worth.
Feb 16
Answering the Most Common Questions About Natural Colored Diamonds
Goldfellow answers the most common questions about natural-colored diamonds.
Jan 19
How Much Is 14K Gold Worth?

While 14 karat gold is not pure gold, it is still one of the most popular types of gold used for rings, bracelets, and other pieces of jewelry.1 The reason why is because 14 karat gold is more durable than pure 24 karat gold while still maintaining the rich color and luster of gold. It’s more expens...

Dec 17
Is Rose Gold Worth Anything?
Is rose gold worth anything? Learn more about how rose gold value is calculated
Dec 08
Real Diamonds vs. Lab Diamonds

Since lab-grown diamonds started to show up in the gem and engagement ring market around five years ago, their popularity has increased exponentially. More eco-friendly and less expensive, but just as brilliant as their natural counterparts. They have quickly become the go-to choice for many couples...

Oct 30
Lab-Created Diamonds Resale Value & Prices

Lab-created diamonds, also called lab-grown, manmade, engineered, or cultured diamonds, are grown using advanced technological processes that mimic the pressure and conditions that develop natural diamonds within a highly controlled laboratory environment. Since they have the same chemical and optic...

Jun 29
Can You Sell Your Gold Teeth?

We are sure you knew about selling your old gold, silver, and platinum jewelry for cash, but did you know you can sell your gold teeth too? That’s right! The value of your gold teeth is based on the weight and metal. Your gold crowns have more value than you might think. Learn more about the value o...