10K gold is the lowest karat of gold permissible for jewelry manufacture in the United States. 10K gold jewelry must be marked 10K – or .417 indicating the actual percentage (41.7%) of gold contained in the piece. To sell 10K gold jewelry items, remember the remaining 58.3% of 10K pieces are comprised of other metals alloyed with gold adding strength and color, but no gold value.

10 K Class Ring purchased by GoldFellowKeep in mind, when you sell 10K gold jewelry to GoldFellow®, we purchase 10K gold jewelry as scrap gold – not for resale. In other words your scrap gold jewelry like the 10 K Gold class ring pictured here, must be melted and refined so the fine gold (24K) content can be recovered.  Nothing purchased by GoldFellow® is resold as is.

To sell 10K gold jewelry to GoldFellow®, simply go to www.GoldFellow.com.  You can check our locations page to see if there is a  GoldFellow walk-in location or By-Appointment office in your area – or you can complete the form. You will be able to print a free, insured FedEx® air bill, packing slip and instructions for shipping your gold to GoldFellow® where your 10K gold is worth more.

Remember, GoldFellow® does not purchase semi precious or precious stones except diamonds .25 ct and larger.  Therefore the weight of the stones set in jewelry like in the photo of the class ring above is not considered in the valuation of the ring.  Some weight is deducted for stones.  But unlike many other gold buyers, GoldFellow® is happy to remove your stones and return them to you for a nominal FedEx® shipping charge.  To avail yourself of our free stone removal service, see your packing slip for further information.

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