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¿Vendiendo oro? ¡No deje que se aprovechen de usted!

As gold prices hit record highs, consumers are rushing to trade their bling for some serious cash. But experts warn that you shouldn't jump at the first cash-for-your-gold ad you see on TV....   Leer Más

Consumidores Crédulos Podrían Salir Lastimados En El Precio Del Oro: ¡Vender Con Cuidado!

As cash-strapped consumers sell their gold to pay for everyday necessities, complaints against some gold dealers have risen. The biggest offenders according to a recent tally on the Better Business Bureau's website,, are companies...   Leer Más

Revelados Los Secretos Para Vender Oro

With gold at historic highs, more people are interested in how to get the most cash for gold. Debunking myths, marketing claims and double-talk about selling gold is a company mission at, according to Michael H. Gusky, company founder...   Leer Más

El Reluciente Ícono de GoldFellow® es Oro en los Anuncios de Televisión

Trusted internet-based gold buyer,, launched its nationwide television advertising campaign this week. "Though thousands of customers looking to sell gold have found us online via search engines and banner ads, we wanted to reach a broader audience," says Michael H. Gusky, founder and president of GoldFellow®... Leer Más

El toque de Midas empresarial llega otra vez al negocio local

If perfect timing is a gift successful entrepreneurs have naturally, consider Michael H. Gusky naturally gifted. The Weston-based businessman, who last year sold his leading gold jewelry manufacturing company, Aurafin, to billionaire investor Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway, launched online gold buyer...
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En tiempos financieros difíciles, negocios con oro

Looking to capture a larger share of the gold-selling market, gold buyer announced the opening of its first GoldFellow® retail store in a Westlake Village shopping center. The GoldFellow® store buys gold, silver, platinum and diamonds directly from consumers and pays them on the spot...
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Oro Ecológico

Jewelry retailers throughout South Florida and the nation are beginning to act on concerns that the gold mining industry is taking a toll on the earth and some of its people. Although few consumers know where the precious metals in their products come from or how they are mined, some of the nation's largest jewelry retailers have signed onto...  Leer Más

Consejos para 24-quilates: Cuidado

It could be California's second Gold Rush. The skyrocketing price of gold has people mining their jewelry boxes for every bit of the precious metal to sell for cash. Prices have gone from...  Leer Más

Haga su tarea, compare precios para que obtenga el mejor precio por su oro

South Floridians are digging into their jewelry boxes, eager to generate some extra cash, as gold prices remain at near-record highs. Thousands of businesses have sprung up to accommodate them, promising on television, billboards and banners: "The best price for your gold."...  Leer Más